::Curse of the Caribbean visual novel weekly update::

Here is the checklist of the task that still need to be finished in order for Chapter one to be released. I will update this as I finish each item-

  •  Chapter One script – 100% Finished.
  • Chapter One Story Planning – 100% Finished.
  • Chapter One Coding – 90% Finished. Some GUI needs some more work.
  • Chapter One Sprite Art – 0/13 complete.
  • Chapter One CG Art – 0/45 CGs complete. [*Depending on the pace of the story during the beta testing the number of cg’s might change.]
  • Chapter One Background Art – 0/11 Backgrounds complete.[*I wanted to touch up some of the old backgrounds that’s why there are so many new ones because I counted in the old ones]
  • Lint report:
    The game contains 1,659 screens of dialogue. These screens contain a total of 21,124 words, for an average of 12.7 words per screen. The game contains 22 menus.

Since I have other responsibilities that come first before Curse of the Caribbean it’s going to take me a while to get all of this finished but I’m glad that this is the only thing left for me to do in order for the first chapter to be finished. There will be three chapters all together and you meet each boy within each new chapter. The main focus of the story isn’t about romancing one of the guys but it’s about Desireã learning a very important life lesson. Hopefully you all will be able to enjoy the story even though it’s not much of a stat raising simulation visual novel or much of an interactive visual novel, it’s more of a novel type of visual novel. I have a story I wanted to tell and this looked like a fun way to do it =D

I’ll be back later with some more progress reports but at least now you all know what the rest of the work load for chapter one is. I might drop some of the cg’s that I have listed in my files but we’ll see what the beta testers say after I have them test it and also after I read through the story as well.

Once I finish this visual novel I already have another story in mind for a new visual novel and I want to make that one a commercial story but that’s going to stay on the back burner until I can get this story finished so you all can get a taste of the style of my art and story.
One more thing. I’ve seen a lot of people coming to my site looking for something to show them how to make a sprite and if it’ll be helpful to you I can post up screen cap images with my weekly updates when I finish a sprite so you can see how I do them. Its just a simple illustration with layers added on top but who knows someone might find it helpful.


Comic update info:
With Bottled Prince ending soon I was first planning on signing up Love! Love! Fighting! to mangamagzine.net but I really enjoy the interaction that I have with all my readers on my own site, not saying that I don’t get any on mangamagazine because I do but just not as much ^^; so I decided to keep LLF on here instead of on Mangamagazine but I do plan on seeing if I can have my old comic that I put on hold called Whole-Hearted. It’s another story that’s close to my heart and kind of a silly documentary of my roller coaster life in the art world. I’ll have more information on that later once my plate get’s cleared up from all of this work ^^; I’m to afriad to stop and sit and do nothing because I don’t want to forget how to draw so I just keep drawing and I have so many idea’s in my head that I just don’t want to keep those hidden inside. So if they give me the OK and sign up Whole-Hearted then you’ll be seeing that comic on there some time after Bottled Prince is over. I’m not sure if any of you remember that old story of mine but I have the comic tucked away….I was such a newbie at manga studio when I first did this comic Q^Q

I’ve just gotta draw~ ( >3 >)~


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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