Pre-orders closed, books to arrive September 19th!

Hi everyone! First off the comic has been updated on the site and just like the title says pre-orders are now closed, don’t worry though because I’m currently working on getting the books set up with amazon so you all can order volume 1 and 2 from there but unlike with my online personal store I won’t be able to sign or personalize the copies that you order but you will be able to pay a lot less for shipping so it’s like a give and take sort of thing ^^ Also thank you to everyone that placed in there pre-order! I’m so humbled and honored!

I really want to open back up my art commissions, like do a summer/fall sale, right now I am currently home-schooling my twin boys so I’ve been very busy and swamped with that and then also dealing with trying to find a way to help take care of my mother because her cancer came back. It’s been a very emotional year for me with death in the family left to right and then my fears of the cancer not going away with my mom but I’m learning how to think positive and not lash out because of my fear, saddness and hurt. My mom is my sugary-pop and she’s the only mom I’ve got so I’m going to make sure I take care of her <3

Now on to something a little more encouraging, with all the cancer going on in my family, my great-grandmother has it and had her breast removed, my grandmother had it and she also had heart problems and the chemotherapy knocked her heart out and she passed away and my mother also has it, so I’ve been focusing more on keeping my body detoxified, balance and alkalized. I learned that high acidity in the body can lead to a lot and I mean a lot of health complications and I was actually suffering from a large amount of them. I had constipation on top of diarrhea and migraines and just things in my body where just beating each other up. After having my kids I was diagnosed with diverticulotos and the doctors told me that there was nothing I could do and even when I removed certain foods from my little food triangle (beef Q^Q I miss you so much and greasy fried chicken that’s crunchy and spicy and just delicious….) but I was still having really bad relapses of throwing up, cramping, which didn’t feel like normal cramps but like your body wanted to explode right from your intestine while you could feel your stomach bloating up so painfully Q^Q and then on top of that I had diarrhea which felt like my hiny was just pooping out acid and it just sucked! How can you be constipated with diarrhea at the same time? Well I’ll tell you! There was a big chunk of waste just stuck in my intestine while the hot stuff went around it, yeah it sounds nasty but that’s what the lady at the hospital had told me after I went to the er and I think during that time I had a fever of 104 so things were really bad. They found bacteria in my blood and I was just so scared and would cry so much because of the pain and then it got to the point where I started to lose hope and didn’t care about the pain anymore and would just lay there and suffer…

But ever since I started taking these greens I no longer have those issues and I’m so happy because I really thought that I was going to die it had hurt so bad and for so long. For those of you who don’t know what the greens are, they are an all natural powder from It Works and it helps alkalize, detoxify and balance my body. It’s a powder that has all 8 servings of my fruits and veggies and it’s about 1 tsp big and I just pour that into 8oz of water or juice and drink it down and I’m done. If I’m having a really bad tummy day I will double up and I end up feeling better after wards. I have so much energy back and I’m able to start doing more comic work and it’s not getting so scary doing the comics and home-school!

If anyone is interested in trying the greens out for yourself I have only 10 samples left to ship off for you all to try so feel free to contact me with the contact form up in the menu bar up top or if you all would like to order your own 30 day supplies at a discounted price feel free to contact me or stop on over to this itworks site and sign up to order your own supplies. Click here or follow this link

Now to sparkle up this blog post here is an inspirational doodle that I did for all of you young artist out there! I didn’t realize how many young aspiring comic artist I had visiting the site so I will try to do more post about the different comic programs that I use and how to use them and different companies that I’ve gone through to print my book and how to print a book and all of that jazz <3 Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the doodles and comic page!

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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