Ch 10 Page 13

I’m not the best with my words but to help reassure those who might feel like they’re alone, I have certain mental cycles that I go through and sometimes you can feel one creeping up. I’ve learned how to manage them when they come but there are those hard days where it feels like it pops up out of nowhere, it’s usually then that I have to find some quite time to let my brain reset or I go to my journal and try to write out my thoughts and feelings and possible solutions to help myself keep practicing positive thinking. When I’m in a negative mindset it’s hard sometimes for me to think positive but I know deep down how important it is to stay positive so forcing myself to write out the positives, to be grateful for where I am right now and what I have, to try to look through my situations in a different light can help me get through those hard storms better.

I feel like I’m kind of talking in circles but I keep reminding myself each day to think positive because what I’m going through is meant to make a better person, the pressure is going to create a diamond and I hope that some day I can make it through to see that end so I keep fighting to keep hold of that positive life. I felt like talking about this because for Oriana she has a mental cycle that she’s struggling with and sometimes we can’t find the words but drawing things out can help as a positive outlet or mental release.

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3