CH 8 Page 18

Hi everyone! I’m trying to post up the next comic update in between working on the kid’s homeschool work. That’s where just about all of my time has been going to. I’m hoping to be finished by March so that I can get back to comic work because I haven’t had enough energy and mental energy to attempt to work on volume 3 ^^; but the lack of energy is for a good cause. Being a parent you have to think about the children <3 and right now making sure they have their education is what comes first <3 So for all of you that are in school right now, keep hanging in there! It’s okay if you make mistakes or don’t know the answer to something, as long as you are trying that’s what matters! It’s the value of actually trying that should be measured grater then the attempt of avoiding failure, if you’re too afraid to move forward because you’re afraid you’ll mess up then you’ll never get a step closer to your goal. As long as you’re trying then you are making progress, ever stumble, every crawl or trip is still a step forward.

You guys are doing great, keep that awesome head of yours up and keep on moving forward! We can make it if we try!

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3