Ch1 8

I’ve had to deal with certain issue at my old jobs where people thought it was funny to make crude gestures behind my back because of the size of my backyard. Of course being a teenager at that time I wasn’t sure how to handle that situation. Even during middle school I had to deal with issues of harassment because of the way I looked or because of my skin breaking out. I’ve learned a lot of things on how I can handle those type of situations. My way of handling things won’t apply to everyone else. Just like the way Oriana is about to handle this situation might not work for others so I don’t recommend it….Actually the way she handles it reminds me of a time when some kid in my class decided to stand up and shimmy and shake all against me so I got feed up and shoved him and his broken arm self away. I did feel a little bad that I shoved an injured person but I got over it ^^….I sound so old right now…goodness….Anyways! Make sure to click on the vote button above and help vote Love!Love!Fighting! up higher in the top webcomic charts and as a thank you, I have up the rough draft of the next page ^^

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3