Ch2 12

I can soooo relate to Jae-Hwa right now. I’m extremely tired and was even fighting sleep while doing this page. I’ve been in class before fighting sleep and I would do so many weird things to keep myself awake. I would pull my eyelashes out or eat some candy or there would be times where I would try to force my eyes to stay open and it would do that weird eyelid dance motion where you can feel your eye lids going up and down and then the next thing I know my eyes are closed and I’m dreaming that they’re open.=.= my mind plays so many tricks on me it’s just not right….

On a side note here we see R.J. trying to do the “Laying on of the swag~” to Oriana. Of course Oriana’s still mad at him taking that picture of her so it’s an utter rejection. Which brings me to another subject. I remember when I was a sophomore in HighSchool and I was walking up to Barnes and Nobles or home from there *or was I riding my bike? O.o* some guy across the street from me started calling out to me. “AYE! AYE GIRL!?” Mind you this probably wouldn’t have stuck out to me this much had the guy not been sooooo far away from me, I was in this big parking lot and when I looked over where I heard someone calling I saw him standing there looking in my direction. Now he could have been calling to someone else but I didn’t see any other girls walking around nearby. So it was kind of like those scary awkward moments where I tried to do a speed walk away while keeping my eyes forward. If I remember correctly he also was trying to come across the street to where I was and that really freaked me out.
There have been times where I might have heard stories like this from others and then I might have said “Well I would have told him to mind his own business.” but when it happens to you first hand it’s like your mind does a little brain fart and sometimes all you can think of is “RUN!” Of course I was young back then and now that I’m older and been through some things I’ve gotten a little better at being able to handle things that might blind side me. You learn how to get a mouth on you after being either picked on or arguing with enough people ^^;

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3