Ch2 8

Of course the Jae-hwa’s English vocabulary is very limited. He can say pretty and choco pie’s. If you’ve never had a  choco pie then they’re kind of like the moon cakes. I’ve had some good moon cakes and bad moon cakes so for me it all really depends on how I’m feeling that day on whether I want to eat one or not. Hopefully this shows a better more carefree side to Jae-hwa. Of course Oriana isn’t used to people be so friendly to her so she’s at a lose for words right now.

Have any of you received any weird compliments? Some of the compliments I’ve received have been a little back handed at times….I’ve gotten some weird ones from my own kids. For instance, I was wearing one of my favorite brown shirts and my son looked at me and said “Mom’s brown diamond.”
I can’t remember if he said “is a” or just “brown diamond.” but either way that does sound sweet at first but then I remembered that he calls his poop “brown diamond.” So either one of three things happened here. He either thought I looked like his poop, or he thought I looked like a diamond…”?” or He thought I looked like a browned diamond shaped poop…..Kids can be so cruel with their affection…..

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3