Oriana’s Character Interview

Busy, busy, busy but I made it on time for today’s update! Yay!! Now for this page, I know some people are probably wondering why can’t Oriana speak Korean if her mom and Grandmother are and know how to speak Korean? Easy, they didn’t teach her, they wanted her to focus more on English so that she would get further in this new state and hopefully help them improve their English as well. My husband is an his mother is a great example of this. My husbands mother is Dutch and she speaks Dutch with them but my husband doesn’t know how to speak Dutch, his mother also speaks English as well. It’s interesting thinking about how people have made certain scarifies when moving to new countries. Some might have given up their own culture or trying to teach their children their native tongue, it’s interesting but also a little heart breaking. How many of you actually know how to speak more then one language fluently? Whenever I meet someone that can speak 2 languages I am thoroughly impressed because I have a hard enough time learning french, Japanese and Korean, shoot even English is hard for me still, all these crazy words with their weird spelling and grammar!……-ahem- Anywhoo~

If you all haven’t noticed I’ve added a patreon spotlight to the side of the comic. I’ve been working just about all day on work for the kickstarter. I’ll post up some of the keychain and sticker designs that I’ve come up with. I’m going to wait to color them in because I really want to use the rest of my time getting the kickstarter movie finished and getting the kickstarter page posted up and ready to show everyone <3 Almost there you guys!! Then it’s on to another battle, trying to see if the kickstarter will be a success or not ^^;

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3