How to Create a Webtoon || Line Webtoon Format

I’ve had a tricky time trying to create a webtoon because I couldn’t remember the file size; well here it is, Line Webtoon file size format is 800px by 1280px. Now I can just refer back to this post whenever I forget…or save it as a template.

Webtoon File Size Format

The first steps you need to make in order to create a webtoon comic is you need to first know what size the webtoon should be. The webtoon page format will differ depending on which platform you want to upload on; today we will focus on just the LINE webtoon format!

Just as a reminder the webtoon size requirement in order to publish a webtoon on LINE Webtoon is platform is 800px wide and 1280px long.

Currently you should save each webtoon file as a jpg/png format up to 2MB in file size regardless of whether it’s a long form image or an individual file.

webtoon file size

You can only upload a total of 20MB per episode (chapter) onto their server.

webtoon file size

How to Create a Non-Blurry Webtoon

Now the webtoon upload file size (800px by 1280px) is a bit too small to use as a working file format. When I draw in that file size my webtoon image quality ends up low, blurry, and unreadable.

To fix this problem I open up my art program and create my document at 1600px by 2560px (double the file size). Doing this allows me to work on a bigger canvas and have readable, non-blurry webtoon panels.

When it’s time to export it, I make sure to export the file size according the LINE Webtoon format which is 800px by 1280px.

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