About ~ S-Morishitas Studio


 Name: Sharean Morishita (aka S-morishita)

Occupation: Webtoon Comic Artist

Personal Quote: I just want to be happy.

About S-Morishita Studio:
S-Morishita Studio is a place where I share my tips and tricks and advice about how to create a webtoon comic and how to publish a comic book~

I’ve published 4 of my comic books despite my art teachers telling me that I wouldn’t amount to anything or make anything out of my comics.

I hope that my stories can not only encourage but uplift and bring joy to everyone that reads it!

For business inquires you can email me at: contact@s-morishitastudio.com

Our mailing address is:
S-Morishita Studio
PO Box
274 BONDURANT, IA  50035

“Don’t let someones limited perceptive no matter what title they hold stop you from pursing your goals and what you love!”

Sharean Morishita

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3