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LLF Chapter 10

Ch 10 Page 38

I don’t know if others struggled with this but have you ever were introduced to another side of your family bloodline but you felt like you didn’t really belong or felt like you didn’t connect because of a mental block because you both looked so different and you didn’t know …

Ch 10 Page 37

If you’d like to read the full story or keep up to date with the possible creation of a new special story …

Ch 10 Page 36

Looks like Grandpa is well aware of Krisa’s uh….eccentric ways ^^;

Ch 10 Page 35

Did anyone else hide in their closet when they’re having a tough time with life and stuff? ^^;

Ch 10 Page 34

I’m always so happy and grateful when you guys leave me comments or send me messages about having enjoyed today’s comic update …