Comic Update and Children’s Birthdays!

Comic Update and Children’s Birthdays!

I hope everyone has had a fun Thanksgiving week! It’s a very busy time of month for me because my children’s birthdays are just a few days after Thanksgiving but I’m happy to be back with another page update!

The twin’s turned 6 today!! It’s crazy thinking back 6 years ago they were just little human’s living in my belly and giving me crazy cravings of potatoes and onions; Cream cheese and flammin hot’s (which I still eat now); and the taste of baby powder…….don’t judge me ^^;

I made them a big batch of breakfast biscuits and they ate it all and I have their birthday cake to make for them later so we can sing to them when their dad gets home. Some day I’m going to build my business up enough to where my husband won’t have to work anymore and I can put all of my focus on my family, also retiring my mom and creating more content for you all. I’m slowly getting there and I’m grateful for this new business that I’ve started up with It Works. I believe in their products because it’s helped me so much and I believe in the company because of the morals that they hold. I have a dream that I’m working towards and I’m happy to share this amazing opportunity with us. Some day I will be able to achieve my dream of being able to create online classes to help teach young comic artist the things that I’ve learned about comic creating and illustration and story telling.

I want to be able to have the freedom to teach classes, give away free material and books and just be a help to someone that might have been in the same state I was in when I first started out. I don’t want our young people to struggle how we did so I will do my best to share what I can and keep learning more so that I can keep growing and improving!

I’m grateful to all of you that have stuck by my work from day 1 and I still have a lot more surprise in store! My mommy blog site is almost ready for it to be launched. I will be releasing the link to my Patreon’s first since with out their support I wouldn’t have been able to start up my mommy site and start back up my mommy dairy chibi comics <3 and on a side note! I can’t stop sharing my stretch mark results with everyone! I’m proud of my battle scars but I’m ready for them to be less visible ^^; and I’ve finally found something that actually works! After years and years of buying so many bottles of coco butter and it doing nothing for my poor skin I finally have something that’s giving me results and it’s only been 3 weeks of using it! It also leaves my skin feeling so soft <3 I can’t tell you how many times I was just slapping my stomach like a drum because it felt so soft and smooth….weird yes but it’s true XD If you’d like to find out more about the product or order a bottle feel free to stop on over my personal store here  or shoot me an email if you have any questions <3

I know this is a bit of my personal life but since it is also a part of my business and also just encase there are some of you out there that might be wanting the same type of results, here is something that I found and that has helped me out so much so I just wanted to share my little gold mind find with you all <3 Just cause I love ya~

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  1. Happy Birthday, twins.

    • Thank you!!! <3 I'll have to take pictures of their birthday cake and reaction to their presents once their dad gets home ^^

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