Ch 4 10

Ch 4 10

I’ve seen a lot of different drama’s and heard young girls talk about how they can’t eat a certain way in front of a guy or how they feel embarrassed and such but I know that when I’m starving and want to eat something now I don’t care what anyone may think about me as I’m stuffing my face with food. I’m hungry and need to eat and as I heard someone say “What?! My blood sugar is low!” I can’t say that because so far from my last check up their weren’t any issues with my blood sugar or anything else but I digress;  During the last day of Anime-Zing, was extremely tired and very hungry. I think the meal that I had the night before was a microwave chicken fettuccine Alfredo and broccoli dinner from Michellen’s and on sunday I had been up at the artist alley from about 9am-4pm without much of a lunch break, I believe I was given a cup of ramen noddles, anyways once I was finished with the convention I was super hungry so my aunt took me to get some pizza at Happy Joe’s. Once they brought out the pizza I dug in right away. She ordered one of my favorite pizza’s called the Taco Pizza, though this pizza tasted different then what I remembered. I usually like a hint of re-fried bean taste and texture in my pizza sauce but this one tasted sour and lack of seasoning and also the breading wasn’t as thick but since I was hungry I didn’t really care. So I piled on the chips and put the hot taco sauce on top and munch down, big mouth full and all. Since the chips are so high and I didn’t want to smooch the pizza and I hated my toppings falling off my pizza I just opened my mouth wide and shoved the food right in…..of course my aunt finally spoke up and told me not to stuff my face like that and showed me her way of eating a pizza, which was taking off all the topping and only having a small amount so that you can take a tiny bite and then that way your mouth wont be wide open like a whale. Since she paid for the pizza I went ahead gave it a try…..I wasn’t happy with the results because it was taking longer to eat and I wasn’t able to experience all the Delicious textures and flavors of each and every topping and I kind of felt silly taking small bites of a pizza. So whenever she turned her head or wasn’t paying attention I piled on the toppings and took my usually big bites and hurried to chew it so she wouldn’t see my big gofer cheeks poking out because of the food…..Good times ^^

I grew up in a big family with cousins, and other really close friends so their really wasn’t much food to go around and if you wanted to eat you had better make a mad dash to the table before the others eat all the food and even at that the portion that you would get wouldn’t be that big so if you wanted seconds then you had better stuff your face quick. Me and my mom and sisters are all fast eaters. My husband on the other hand is a very slow eater. He’ll take a sip out of his drink, like an actual sip,  1,2…*Done* but with me I take a big gulp and then go *Ahhhh* and either half or just about all of my drink is gone *whether it’s water or milk or juice or pop it doesn’t really matter* so of course there have been a few conflicting situations. Like the girl scout cookie moment. Within a few days I had ran out of my cookies but I noticed that my husband still had a bag half eaten but being the nice wife that I was I just stood back and watched the bag for the next few days to see if maybe he forgot about them. After a few days had passed and their was no change in the amount of cookies in his bag I figured that he didn’t want them or just forgot about them so I took it upon myself to finish them for him….you know because it would be a shame to let them go to waste. Sure enough about a probably day later he asked me about the cookies…..O.O Life can be kind of funny when a fast food eater and slow food eater live together. He is an only child so he didn’t really have to deal with food being eaten after sitting untouched for a few hours. Me on the other hand lived in a family where if you didn’t hide your food or eat it all before the day is done then more than likely someone else will finish it for you. I have a lot of funny dinner memories and I enjoy thinking back on those silly family fights. I think that’s kind of why a lot of my stories are kind of centered around family. I’m sure you all will get a glimpse of what my family is like when you all are introduced to Oriana’s Asain side of the family.

FYI: For those of you who are interested I plan on doing a livestream in the next 30 minutes. I’ll make a post when I have everything up and running. Hopefully the toddlers won’t get in the way to bad ^^;

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