Ch2 11

Ch2 11

*I went ahead and re-posted the story from before. I’m glad you guys enjoyed reading it. I thought no one really cared or liked it so I deleted it because I was embarrassed but now I see that I was wrong so here’s the story again and keep your eyes out for this same story in a short one-shot comic version^^*

Have any of you had to deal with un-tamable hair issues or the stress of trying to look presentable but still being told you look a mess from others even though you did you’re best or even though you yourself thought you looked fine?

Well I’m sure we all have, if not the hair issue then the issue of someone saying that all of our efforts to looking nice was a complete disaster and we still look bad….. -___-

I usually have my middle sister do my hair because she’s really the only one that understands it so well. I have the thickest hair out of both of my sisters and my middle sister usually nag’s at me about keeping up with my hair and not having it look a hot mess. I’ve never been one who’s up on fashion and style and such. I’ve very simple with my hair styles. It’s either up in a clip or down, and it’s only down if it’s not puffing out to bad if it is then it looks pretty close to Oriana’s hair right now and it makes me agitated so up it goes back in a clip 😀 It’s funny when I think about it because when me and my husband first started talking it was when I was looking a mess. I had just got off of work and I was working full time morning shift at the hospital and I worked as a CPA and my job was basically to sort out through the surgical tools and what not’s and get them cleaned.

So I would have to wear a full body suit with gloves, apron, hair net, shoe booties and a mask and then carry around big metal trays of tools or big bags of nastiness while pushing around these big steel carts, so needless to say after work I was sweaty and whenever I get sweaty my hair usually always poofs out. This was also during winter time so I had on my huge marshmallow like coat on with a orange shirt underneath but since the sleeves where so short I just kept my coat zipped up and walked around in a pair of my regular tennis shoes and wore one of my plan skirts.
So even though I looked like a crazy sweaty lady I remember seeing someone watching me out the corner of my eye while I ate up at the fellowship hall at my church *it was during our church convention so I went straight up to the church after I go off work so I could make it to evening service* At first I didn’t pay it any attention and kept eating my food like I usually do but I noticed this guy kept staring at me *and no it wasn’t because I looked crazy XP*Come to find out he was staring at me because he thought I looked really pretty and he even went and asked one of my older brother what my name was.

It’s funny because when we were able to actually sit down and have a conversation I kept rattling on about html codes and css and php and a ton of other nerdy stuff that we both were in to. I was really happy to be able to talk to someone who knew what I was saying. It’s a pretty nerdy love story but it makes me smile thinking about it.

Now we’re married with three kids and of course my sister’s still get on me about how simple I dress or crazy my hair might look but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry about dolling myself up around my husband 24/7 He liked me when I was looking my worst and likes me when I’m looking my best.

So that’s all…..doesn’t really have much to do with the comic and I might delete this little ramble but with my experience you don’t always have to look your best to have someone take notice of you, like in the “I’m looking at you because of attraction.” kind of notices. Everyone has different taste if you like to dress up then that’s fine and you do you’re thing but if you’re like me and don’t really make a big deal out of it all the time,*unless I can’t find anything that I can fit my big behind in then I get agitated and mad because I don’t have anything to wear…O.o* then do what you do. In the end the one who’s opinion matters is my own. This is also something Oriana’s going to learn in the comic. Be yourself and if you’re a fashion diva/mister cool or the laid back King/Queen then you be you. I’m constantly be nagged at and they do it out of love so it’s one of the things in life that I’ve learned how to deal with. It’s the burden of being the little sister but I don’t mind like I use to, I just argue right back with them and keep coming back to eat or play or get my hair done^^


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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