Ch2 13

Ch2 13

It looks like Oriana’s having some conflicting feelings. Her pessimistic grumpy side doesn’t want to be bothered with sweet talk but the tiny vain part of her personality hidden deep inside her countenance craves for the praise and attention. Thus she has conflicting feelings. One side is tough and strong as say “Pish-Posh to useless words.” while the other side which is a little vain and craving affection says”All of your bases praise are belonging to us.”

I’ve accepted the fact that I do like to be told that I look pretty even though I might disagree with them, secretly inside it makes me feel a little better…..and yes I have also accepted the fact that I’m crazy but that’s what makes me, me and we’re all crazy so let the good times roll~

….That is unless none of you have been guilty of any of this O.O Am I the only one that fishes for more compliments after already getting one? Of course not always intentionally or odiously.  Like if someone says “Oh you’re hair cut is cute!” or they’ll say “What you drew that! This is awesome!” then I might laugh and say “Really? my sister did it so….” or I’ll say “Really? Thank you. I was up for like 4 hours working on it.” then after that they’ll usually say something else nice if I kind of end what I say with a run on sentence. Once you get to my age you kind of subconsciously fish for more compliments. What about you guys? It’s a little vain but it’s true 😉

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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