Ch2 19

Ch2 19

::::**EDIT: Okay this is a little unimportant but I’ve been listening to this certain song by Alan Hawkshaw called Mn alone from his album Girl in a sports car and I think that certain song goes so lovely with these last ending pages of this chapter. >< I’ve really fallen in love with this song and have it on repeat right now <3 it’s sounds just so very lovely. Okay that was all**::::


***Post is kind of long so it’s a bit of a TLDR but I’m covering things about my frustration with unbelievable character development in stories so if you’re interested or have some more input to say about that then go ahead and read below***


It looks like we’re starting to get down to the wire with chapter 2’s finishing up =D *small cheer~* For those of you who don’t know this page is the page that is leading up to the part of the story that some of my readers, which followed/found me after I moved away from Deviantart, have been waiting for. Just encase your a little curious to see what I’m talking about here is the old revised page from the old one-shot contest entry that I did back for Manga-apps comic contest in 2011 ^^

I get so embarrassed when I read those old chapters. I can’t handle overly mushy stuff all the time and even when I see kiss scene in certain movies or cartoon movies or comics I still have to either look away or cover my eyes or the screen/page out of embarrassment O.O *I know I’m married with kids but that doesn’t mean I still don’t get embarrassed seeing PDA or hearing other people getting mushy =.= it’s part of my make-up*

Even now when I look at the screencap of the page I want to bury my face in my hands out of embarrassment….then comes the question “If you get so embarrassed by mushy love stories why are you doing on yourself?” ……….That’s a good question. I hate horror movies but I love reading R.L. Stine’s books and even Bottled Prince turned into a drama/horror story when I wanted it to be a more shoujo, girly fluffy story with a bit of mystical cute stuff in it….but apparently when my brain tries to do mystical cute stuff it turns into a horrible scary monster named Jedora who spreads her curse to make evil doll soldiers to do her bidding….seriously if you read my comic Bottled Prince then you would understand what I mean O.O

Anyways the reason why I’m doing a love-love story even though it’s embarrassing is because I still enjoy reading some of those cute love stories. Some shows pull it off really well to where I don’t get to embarrassed and would go awwww~ I want to make a story where I can read it and go awww~ while still squealing and covering my face in embarrassment…it doesn’t make much scene but it’s fun and I want to see if I can pull that off on my own. I don’t like stories with a main character who is weak for no reason or it’s just unbelievable. There are some stories where I do like them like that but other stories where it’s like “Come on girl! Punch him in the face!” or if she’s being bullied by a group of girls and she just stands there and lets them hit her or get in her face and all she does is cry and shake then I would want to yell “Slap the heifer!”…..which is probably why I got into so many fights when I was younger….O.O of course I didn’t always start them but I didn’t always stand there and let someone hit me, thus I get agitated with some weak characters.

*Don’t get me wrong though because I know not everyone is able to handle pressure like that or deal with people because I have my times where I just want to break down because someone hit a sensitive nerve and I’ve also had friends and relatives that are soft spoken and don’t do well with confrontation. Even I don’t like confrontation but I’m kind of crazy so I still end up in arguments with my sisters or friends and then get mad when someone tries to butt in and stop the argument. If that’s the type of person who you are that’s fine. my main issues with the story’s that make it a kind of hard for me to believe that the character is weak, my issues definitely isn’t with weak people in real life…I don’t know if that makes any sense…one of my favorite weak/strong characters would have to be Bubbles from the powerpuff girls. She can be such a crybaby but for some reason the way they built her character she still comes off as a likeable weak character for me. I just really love it and sometimes when she get’s sad and cries I want to break down, like during the powerpuff girl’s movie SO SAD!! Q^Q*”

Of course that’s not saying that I love all strong characters because there are some that just are to strong that they are unrelatable and come off as having know weakness and lack human emotion or a real personality. One of the books where I could finish reading it because the main heroin was to unrelatable was Beauty pop. I think it get’s better later on in the story I’m not sure but I just couldn’t handle it anymore so I stopped. There are a few other characters that I could point out but I don’t want this post to turn into a rant so….I guess for me I like the hero to be strong but still have some weakness. I want them to just be human and not every human is untouchable. We have our weak points whether we want to show it or not and that’s something that I really want to explore in the character development of Oriana and Jae-hwa. Oriana’s strong but she still has a weakness but she hides it behind a sarcastic mouth or a poker face. Hopefully after doing some more studying on character development and human growth I might be able to find that middle ground that I’m looking for. I really want to learn more and get better at storytelling so Thank you everyone for sticking around while I continue to learn and explore this field^^

I don’t know if I really explained myself well enough but I’m trying to explain my issue with storytelling character development flaws in making a character believable if they are weak or strong. Have any of you had this issue with certain stories? I know when I was in college I had a small issue with a girl who kept making excuses why she couldn’t draw something or get her own comic started but she would then laminate about how she wants to do one or how her art isn’t good and I would try to encourage her or make her feel better but after about 2  years of that I got tired of it because it and stopped talking to her about it or would avoid the subject all together because I know how I get when I get feed up with something and I knew that she was a sensitive person and it didn’t seem like she grew up around harsh honest words and debate and fighting like I did, so I just tried to leave it alone.

I know if I said that to my sisters they might say “If it’s not good enough then keep working on it to make it better. If you still don’t like it then what are you still doing it for? Stop doing it if you don’t like it. I don’t want to hear that whining.” or they might say “Just shut up and draw. Complaining isn’t doing anything to make you better.” I’m happy to have such cut throat and honest sisters because they help me to learn how to suck it up if I’m feeling in a rut and to do what I want to do. Of course there are times where I do just want someone to pat my head and tell me my art is good and for that I might be able to squeeze that out of my mom but usually that’s just a half hearted response because the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree… then that’s where you all come in with your kind comments that help me feel better on days like those.^^

This post is getting a little long so I’ll stop here and go work on the weekly update post that I missed from last week ^^;

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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