Ch2 25

Ch2 25

EDIT:  I thought that this gif animation summed up what a lot of you might be feeling with this chapter and hopefully it can make you smile just a little:



We’ve finally reached the end of Chapter 2!

I hope you all will be able to hang in there for Chapter 3 ^^ I promise that it won’t be an extremely sad chapter and the ending will be much more satisfying for those of you who’s hearts are a tiny bit broken right now ^^;
When I showed my aunt the printed version of the book she jumped to the end of the book and got mad about the ending. Of course I got mad because she jumped to the back of the book instead of reading through all the pages to be able to enjoy the full roller-coaster ride of the story but that’s life =.= *I’m talking about you Aunt Betty if you’re reading this :p*

For the incentive I wasn’t able to upload a new one last week because it of course was Thanksgiving week and I got really sick during the beginning and middle and end of that week and I’m still recovering from the sickness so please bare with me when it comes to responding to all of your wonderful comments ^^; They really do help brighten my day and I try to make sure to respond to them all the best way I can~

I also plan on trying to make some little emotes for my comment section just to add a little more fun. Oh and before I forget for the incentive I plan on filling out the body language meme for Oriana. I will do one body language emotion with each update so for this weeks update I did a colored sketch version of Oriana’s body language when she’s happy….of course a lot of you haven’t really seen her to happy. So far she’s been either stressed, nervous, hurt, mad or tired up to this point in the story so I think it might be interesting to see what Oriana looks like when she’s just being happy and not a grumpy goose ^^;
Once again Thank you everyone for your support and kindness and for all your comments, which I make sure to read right when I see that I’ve received a notification on new comments <3 åAso I hope that all of you who’ve ordered the book received them by now ^^; I had the post office ship it in priority mail so if you received you book feel free to send me an email letting me know it arrived sadly or even a picture message because I’ve really wanted to be one of those authors who’s readers take a picture of the book they received from me and then I could go around and show my family and friends and brag how awesome my readers are <3 *…I know I’m kind of strange but Oh well!~ =D*

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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