Ch3 9

Ch3 9

Today is a very busy day for me! ^^ I have to take both of my twin boys to their dentist appointment and I think that’s really going to be an adventure. I can’t really get my thoughts together right now because the children keep talking to me while I type and I keep losing my train of thought so I hope that I can try to make a post that doesn’t sound to random because I do have something that I wanted to share ^^

Now I’m not sure if any of you experienced anything like this but where I live and where I grew up I use to and still get stared at. Probably even more so because I only wear either a skirt or a dress that goes past my knees and for some strange reason people think that’s weird =_= even my sisters get asked weird questions or get pointed and hear whispering from old couples that might see them wearing their skirt. So I can relate to Oriana with feeling like people are staring at you. I’ve also had little kids just sit there and stare at me while at church and I’ve had to learn not to give them the stink eye or be mean and just ignore them. I wouldn’t feel right glaring at the child in church even though it annoys the beans out of me because when I’m trying to focus on what’s being said I can feel some child’s eyes just starting at me and the parent isn’t doing anything about it. That’s also why I make sure my kids no their manners and mind their own business. When I see people staring for whatever reason, which might be a really big reason because people do it a lot, I’ve had to look away because I could feel my eyes automatically go into glare mood and to be the Good Mommy that I’m trying to be I have to look away before the dark side of mommy starts to show O.O OH!! and don’t get me started on when I’m having one of my days and it feels like my skirt might be fitting me funny so I’m walking around self-aware of how my butty is moving. Just the other day my sister told me my butt was big and I needed to girdle it up which I’ve been meaning to get me some spanks so that I can move around as much as I want without enticing men because my butty’s shakin’ like a salt shaker *hee hee X3*so my next goal for this week or this month or whatever is to go out and go shopping for more clothes.

Below this line is some girly-girly-girl jabber so I’ll go ahead and change the font color but if you want to read it just go ahead and highlight the rest below. I don’t think everyone really cares to read girly talk so for today I’ll be mindful of that ^^:

I’ve never really been the one to care about my fashion sense but in the last couple of days I’ve found it a lot more fun then usual to go out and buy things to help clean my skin and make myself feel pretty. After having three kids I’ve kind of lost my spunk when it came to taking care of myself but now I feel it coming back or….actually coming alive and I plan on going out with my sisters and just having a girls shopping day of arguing, name calling and bargain hunting XD and did I mention arguing because it’s hard for us to get together with out someone breaking out into an argument. I also highly expect to shed a few tears and get down on myself because I can’t get out of a shirt that I put on in the changing room but then I’ll get over that and get something to eat *like a cinna-stick from anne ann’s* and go shopping some more or look for some books.

I’ve learned that I only have one life to live so I mind as well stop mopping about how things use to be or how I use to look and be happy with the way I am now and go live life the way I want. Doing something that I enjoy and that makes me feel better and that’s good for me! I’m really excited you guys and I’m so happy to have my sisters to enjoy my excitement with. We all may be heavyset and according to our wii Obese but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy and have fun and go shopping….*even if we all might be broke we can at least do some window shopping or find some money somewhere*

That’s enough of the girl talk for now sorry about that you guys but I’ll be back next week with another update…or maybe later today it kind of all depends.

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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