Chapter 6 Page 27

Chapter 6 Page 27

Have you ever been around someone and you say a joke or do something funny and the other person picks up on it really quick and starts rolling along with the joke? Don’t you love those moments? Like you’re walking around and you see someone that has the same thing as you and you look at each other and then yell out Twinsie!

Story time!! (^^; I’m so sorry if my story time is boring you guys, I feel my age slowly creeping on me because I start telling all these stories hahahahaha XD) So I remember this time when I went to the movies with my sisters and we decided to get some ice cream and I talked my sister into buying one for me. So when it was time to pay she pulled out this ice cream card (where you buy so many ice creams and get it stamped and then you get a free one at the 10th ice cream stamp or something) and so I wanted one too and I asked her how did she get that and she tells me flat out “You have to join their club” and I look at her all confused because I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me or not because she said it so seriously so I turned to the guy ringing us up and asked him if that was true and I could some how feel and sort of see my sister making movements behind me and then I saw his eyes quickly look over to her then back at me and agree with her like “Yeah, you have to join first to be able to get one of those cards.”
So I look at him and then back at my sister and then ask if I could join and he says that he ran out of applications and hurries and pulls one of the displays holding something, behind the counter and so my stupid self looks all types of confused and I’m like “What was that you pulled away? I want to join” and my sister chimes in that it’s too late and her’s was the last one so I was seriously upset cause I wanted to have a chance to get me some free ice cream. They eventually ended up laughing and he gave me one of the cards for a free ice cream.

We had a lot of fun that day, my big sister loves teasing me and some kind of way she’s so good at getting other people to jump in on the joke with her and I’m all clueless XD I love my sisters <3

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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