Does slow and steady win every race?

Hi everyone! The comic has been updated and I’m going to add just a few more pages too just cause I love you guys <3

There’s something that I wanted to talk about if that’s okay^^;

I learned that one of my fears is working so hard on something and in the end it isn’t worth all the hard work I put in.


I think after all the contest I lost and test I’ve failed and negative feedback that I’ve received from my comic work through out the years has made me afraid to give my all again……


I realizes this now and I’m going to change that now. I know that I don’t mind the hard work I just want to know it’s worth it and I believe it is.


You know how they say slow and steady wins the race? I don’t believe that’s always true for everyone. When it comes to an airplane lifting off the ground does a slow 20% throttle get the plane the ground? What about 40% or maybe 80%. All of those speeds get the plane moving at a faster speed but it will never lift off if you don’t push it to 100%


I also remember when I was younger, in order to cross the rode safely from traffic me and my sisters had to run across fast. If you walked slow and steady across that traffic you will get hit.


Slow and steady isn’t always the answer, you need that short and speedy burst of energy if you want to get off the ground and get to where you’re going. I learned this now and I’ve worked so hard with contest where my success was based on someone else opinion of my work.


I want my success based on my hard work, not someone’s opinion of me. I want to finally see what hard work is truly capable of. I don’t want to be afraid anymore because with this burst I lose if I don’t but I can help so many and gain such heart warming experience if I do.


Isn’t it worth a try in the end?

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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