Learn How To Make a WEBTOON Without having Drawing experience

Join my FREE workshop where I can teach you how to make a webtoon step-by-step whether you know how to draw or not!  

"I want to make a book but I don't know how to start!"

Here's what you'll learn in this free Webtoon Workshop:

  • How I format a full webtoon episode
  • How I use 3D models to create my characters in a consistent art style
  • How I write dialogue and script the action for an entire episode
  • How I start creating my webtoon from start to finish in 5 simple step.
  • What font I use for my webtoon
  • How I make panels and place word balloons
  • How I make webtoon backgrounds
  • How I save and package everything so that I can publish it online
  • What I publish my webtoon for free online

This free workshop is DEFINITELY for you if...

You are a beginner and want to learn how where to start and how to actually make a webtoon

You're looking for tips on marketing and where to publish

You want advice on consistent art styles

Sharean Morishita
Webtoon Comic Artist

Get to Know Me

Hi I’m Sharean Morishita and even though I’ve been told by my art college professor, classmates and online commenters that I wouldn’t get anywhere with my comic, that I had no talent and that I don’t know how to draw, I still managed to draw and publish my own webtoon comics.

I’m the author of 5 webtoon comics and have published 3 comic book and graphic novel series (Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!, Rescue Me, Whisper of Cinnamon, School Memories and Love! Love! Fighting!)

One of my passion is to help aspiring comic creatives on their journey to make their own webtoon by sharing my techniques and tips.

Watch My Webtoon Background Speedpaint

Here is a look into my webtoon background process utilizing the 3D model assets that Clip Studio Paint Provides

Watch My Webtoon Livestream

My livestreams share a behind the scene look at my process as well as a way to interact with my audience as well as answer any questions they might have about the process

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