Wedding Anniversary and comic Update!

First off, Yay for 2 page update!! Also after having talk with some of you through email from the surveys I sent out I think it would be fun for me to be a little more interactive on my blog. I’ve been wanting to blog more about family life and my fitness journey and such. I’ve made a few video’s that I need to put together and edit but I think it’s always fun to read the sort of behind the scenes life of a comic artist and homeschooling mother of three.

I’ll make sure to have the blog post under the read more cut for now just so that I don’t over load the front page with pictures <3 I also thought about sharing more of my family life with you all because my awesome friend Ellen Oh had let me know how much she had enjoyed the family post I did on facebook. I’ve taken a step back from facebook because I want to make sure that I’m able to have full focus on my comic work, the kids homeschool work and just enjoying my life a little more around me. I noticed that I was getting some unwanted negativity from facebook and I could just feel something sapping my joy away so I decided to shut off the source of the negativity and just focus on things that bring positive influences and happy vibes <3 Depending on how things go I might open it back up but for now I want to make sure that I get the next volumes done by my deadline and make sure the kids get a good education and also I want to make sure that I achieve my fitness goal.

Since my comic’s and blogging on my site makes me so happy I think it’s a great idea to just do a little more of it! Also guess who’s wedding anniversary is tomorrow?

*7 years on Sunday!*

20150313_163414*look at that photo filter smoothing out my complexion XD*

I can’t wait till warmer weather hits us because I have so much more energy now ever since I started working out more and changing up my eating habits with a little healthier choices. Granted I’m not the best at being a total health nut because if something doesn’t look filling, or doesn’t look good and doesn’t taste good I get so mad ^^; I think I might be an emotional eater? Now I don’t know the whole technical terms or conditions behind what an emotional eater is or what they do or why they do what they do, I more so am referring to the fact that if I see a yummy piece of food it makes me happy. Like me and my mom can sit and watch food network all day and talk about whether a dish looks good or not and it’s just something that makes me happy. There are those that enjoy drama shows, I like the food network or painting shows (Bob Ross is forever my favorite <3)

Anyways, I’ve tried to look into healthier eating habits before but I got mad with some of the unpleasant recommendations or recipes, I don’t know if I’m a picky eater but I grew up with a Grandmother that was down south so I have a love for southern style cooking and seasoning. Now my other Grandma’s have a different cooking style because they didn’t grow up in the south so they also helped me expand my palette. It’s hard sometimes to find recipes online that still have that certain taste that I’m used to but I’ve been taking baby steps and changing a few things here and there and now I’m happy to say that I even have my husband and kids eating more veggies and less greasy foods.

I’ve been able to get my 8 servings of fruits and veggies because I take my greens but my husband doesn’t take the greens with me and he’s a big frozen pizza eater and he’s not much on the southern cooking style food. He told me about some of the dishes his mom made him growing up and it’s a very different style from the dishes that I grew up with but I think that’s a given since his mother is Dutch *(or I think he said his grandparents are from the Netherlands….I’m not 100% sure ^^;)* I think I might start looking up some different recipes from different cultures to see how that turns out <3

Now on top of my  healthier food choices I’ve also started to incorporate more exercise. When I thought up Oriana I wanted to show that she was plus but also very fit. She has great stamina and endurance because she decided to pick up boxing to try to get closer to her father, of course that fell through since he gave up boxing but she’s loved boxing and acrobats ever since then. That’s why she’s so flexible and she’s able to stick it out with any other athlete no matter her size and for me that was the sort of goal that I want to have. That’s why I made her plus size but still healthy and active. I of course would love to finally take off my kangaroo pouch from the kids but for me I don’t want my motivation for fitness be based on me hating my body or how I look.

When I was smaller and still unhealthy and unfit I still hated how I looked and had low self-esteem. After all of these years and after working on this comic I was able to finally take a good look deep inside and realize that if I want to live a positive life, I need to start loving the whole me and enjoy the joys of life instead of hating how I look and beating myself down and using guilt and shame to try to change. I’ve seen others that still weren’t confident in themselves even after they reached their goals, I don’t want to live my life being afraid of every single calorie or looking in the mirror and feeling like I’m failing at life just because my belly is hanging out more, no. I want to enjoy life no matter what state I am in. I’m happy with how I look now and I’m exciting to see where I will go from here.

God blessed me with this body and I’m going to encourage it and take care of it and make it happy because there’s enough of outside forces that are already trying to tear us down. I do have my personal goal but I want my journey to be happy and fun so that the end results will be happy as well.

This of course is my own personal thoughts and views and we’re all different so you are free to think or feel anyway you want and use whatever method that works best for you to achieve your goal. Just have fun with life, there’s so many awesome things out there to experience. Let’s lift ourselves up and not tare ourselves down!

I think I talked long enough, I do have some more pictures that I want to share with you all. I wanted to talk about something else today but it sort of just flowed to this ^^; Well I’ll be back with another update, tonight we’re going to the symphony thanks to my nenette giving us her tickets <3 This will be our first fancy date together! Time for me to get fancy-fied! I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to share with you guys, of course I’ll make sure to enjoy my time as well but I like sharing pictures too <p

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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