School Memories:

A Comic about
Kindness & Communication

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FREE to use Webtoon Backgrounds

I wanted to share some free webtoon backgrounds for aspiring artist to use to start their webtoon comic. I noticed that backgrounds can be really scary so hopefully these can help as an aid for you to get your story out there~

Have fun creating!

About The Author & Artist

Sharean Morishita

Sharean Morishita has worked for over eleven years creating and publishing her comics. She is a Comic Artist & writer of School Memories and Love! Love! Fighting!  She is also the Webtoon Artist of Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! and Resuce Me.

Sharean lives in Iowa, with her husband, Elijah Morishita, and their three children.

Webtoon Artist Advice Ebook

Learn what tools a webtoon artist uses, where to publish a webcomic and how to market your comic in the most introvert friendly way.

Digital Comic Artist Tools
You can learn digital tools I use to make my webtoon comics and some budget friendly alternatives as well as some pros and cons.
Webtoon Publishing Formatting Tips
You can learn where to publish your webtoon comic online, the different webtoon formats uploading size.
Marketing Webtoon Tips
Learn tips on how to market online comics and what platforms I use as well as ways I monetize my webcomic to make money.

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Webtoons are actually created from multiple images sized around 800px by 1280px connected together vertically so it’s not one long vertical file upload onto webtoon ...

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How to Make a Webtoon without a Computer

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