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About S-Morishita Studio LLC

Author Sharean Morishita a.k.a S-Morishita

S-Morishita Studio LLC is a place where Sharean Morishita shares her webtoon comics~

S-Morishita Studio Blog is also a place for aspiring comic artist beginners to learn tips, tricks and advice about how to create a webtoon comic and how to publish a comic book as well as how to creatives can market and promote their contact thats introvert friendly~

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Love! Love! Fighting! Complete Manga Series
Love! Love! Fighting is about a young woman who currently has no money, no job and her father won't return her phone calls.
Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!
Could a relationship that started out fake blossom into something real? Find out in the new revamp anime style webtoon of Oriana and Jae-hwa
Rescue Me
Sandra may be known as an anti-social ice burg at work but under the surface she's actually struggling to maintain her sanity from being ripped apart by anxiety.
School Memories
Colton wants to make some friends at school but they don’t seem to be appreciating his pranks. It’s just a funny joke; no harm no foul right?

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