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Here’s my GO-TO list of ALL the tools I use to create my webtoon comics which includes Comic Art Software, Tools for Drawing Digital Art, Resources, + MORE  


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FREE to use Webtoon

I wanted to share some free webtoon backgrounds for aspiring artist to use to start their webtoon comic. I noticed that backgrounds can be really scary so hopefully these can help as an aid for you to get your story out there~

Have fun creating!

This Ebook Beginners Guide will help teach aspiring Comic Artist How to Start Their Own Webtoon!

What Hardware do Webtoon Artist Use
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What Programs do Webtoon Artist Use
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My Favorite Beginner Friendly Tools

When I first starting drawing digital comics I used the graphic tablet connected to my laptop, while there are great budget friendly brand alternatives, wacom was my first drawing tablet brand to use~

I love this book because it covers all of the a-z tips from manga experts about creating a manga and I can utilize those same tips for making my webtoon comics as well!

This is also another one of my favorite beginner books because it covers the basics of drawing characters and background perspective as well as storytelling tips~

This is one of my favorite how to draw clothes reference books because I am terrible with clothes and can barely figure out outfits for myself let alone for my male characters so this is a fav go to~

I love this book because it has lots of different outfit for girls and this helps me to take off the pressure of also trying to figure out clothing outfits for someone other than myself….which is still such a struggle~

My Software GO-TO's

-Comic Specific Drawing Program-

I use Clip Studio Paint EX and it’s built in 3D model feature to create my whole webtoon digitally from start to finish.

-Script Writing Program-

I love using Celtx scriptwriting feature to help me keep my comic scripts organized as opposed to scripting in one messy blob within my text edit.

-Free 3D Model Exporter-

I love using this program to help me find and export new 3D models and it’s my favorite alternative to use with Sketchup since I can export more features with their free version.

My Favorite Programs Alternatives

-Currently Mobile App Option Only-

I use this lightweight but feature packed app on my iPad and I love their Anime Background filter to make turning photos into webtoon comic backgrounds super quick!

*Disclaimer since this is a free program you will see pop up ads with the free version of their app.*

-Both Mobile App & Computer Options-

I love this app because it also has the multi-page feature found within Clip Studio Paint EX as well as free materials and it’s compatible both with my tablet and desktop computer and it’s FREE

*Disclaimer since this is a free program you will see pop up ads with the free version of their app.*

-Currently Computer Option Only-

What I love about this program is the fact that it has the vector layer feature as well as the image slicing feature to help format and slice files into the webtoon format upon saving/exporting super quick!

*Disclaimer this program doesn’t have as many comic specific tools.*

Personal Favorite Digital Drawing Essential Tools

I’ve used Wacom Brand Tablets since 2007 and I got my Cintiq 24 HD back in 2010 and it’s still running like new!

I don’t recommend this for beginners because it’s a steep investment and you need a computer to hook the display and graphic tablet up to in order to use it.

I feel that the iPad Pro tablet or any apple tablet and apple pen can legit replace my wacom display tablet for half the cost and space! I can hardly tell a difference in pen to paper feel when I’m using either one of them!

This would be more beginner friendly and especially if you don’t have a computer to hookup a display or graphic tablet too.

This is a guide that I use to help me place my webtoon panels and word balloons utilizing the golden rule of thirds, that way my webtoons look balanced, non-cluttered and easy to read!

My Favorites Comic Resources!

Here are some of my favorite resources from how to draw books to online go to art resources~

Magic Poser

I love this site because it has a 3D model doll function both in app and a web browser base that can be used to create different pose to use for reference for drawing your characters

I go to this site to help me reformat my image files into the webtoon file format on my tablet for both tapas and webtoon canva (plus it’s free to use!)

I love these books and still use them to this day whenever I need a refresher on how to draw a hand or eye or how to draw period, my mind is like a leaky bucket so these stay near by!

I put together a list of a few free to use webtoon comic platforms that you can use to publish your webtoons comics on~

About The Author & Artist

Sharean Morishita

Sharean Morishita has worked for over eleven years creating and publishing her comics. She is a Comic Artist & writer of School Memories and Love! Love! Fighting!  She is also the Webtoon Artist of Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! and Resuce Me.

Sharean lives in Iowa, with her husband, Elijah Morishita, and their three children.