School Memories

Colton wants to make some friends at school they don't seem to be appreciating the humor of his pranks.

It's supposed to be funny but half the class is being so sensitive. It's just a funny joke.

I mean no harm no foul right?

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Love! Love! Fighting! Manga Series

You can preorder the print copy of this book at your local comic shop by contacting them and giving them the Code: JAN211097


School Memories

Not all jokes are practical and some do more harm than good. Coming of Age, Comedy, Shojo, Black and White Manga

Give your local comic shop the code: JAN211097 to preorder and get your very own print comic copy 

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Sharean Morishita

Sharean Morishita is a mother of 3 and has been publishing her webcomics on her website since 2012.

Despite being an art college drop out and being told by her art teachers that she wouldn't get anywhere with her art she continued forward drawing what she loved.

As of 2021 Sharean has 5 books published available on amazon and one soon to be released with Antarctic Press spring of 2021.

She also helps share tips of everything that she's learned over the years freely on her site with other aspiring digital comic artist, to help them learn how to create, publish and market a webtoon webcomic of their own.

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