Chapter Update! Comic Contest Entry!

We’re back with another update and for some reason I am seriously craving a taco pizza…..anywhoo, it’s that time of month where Iowa gets smacked around by Sub-Zero or something and it’s ridiculously cold outside but because I have more kickstarter packages to ship out, I’m willing to throw on multiple layers and brave the cold weather <3

AlsooooO~ooo I have some fun news and some what nervous news but I’m keeping it positive, I entered into a comic contest. They judge on popularity and artistic skills and what not and it’s making me super nervous because I’m very nervous about both of those things XD I’ve never been the popular one and I always feel like I still have so much to learn and grow in my art but we’re keeping it positive.

Feel free to click here to read the comic >here< I greatly appreciate any rating or sharing that it receives<3

The subject that I decided to cover for this mini-series is about mind battles and mask that we put up to protect others from seeing our real broken and weak self. I really hope you all will enjoy it and share it with others, now the first 3 chapters are a little sad but it gets better once chapter 4 is posted so just hang in there ^^; It’s all for a reason don’t worry…..which is kind of like life! Sad things happened but it’s all for a reason, granted we may not know what the reason is but sometimes knowing why things are the way that they are doesn’t always help. It’s best to keep your footing strong and bare through the storm because the sun always comes after the rain….unless it’s night time when it’s raining or still cloudy….so then the sun will come once it’s morning….and after the clouds pass…I’m not really helping right here so I’ll just stop ^^;

I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll be over here working hard at the comic, shipping out packages and trying to convince myself why getting a taco pizza isn’t a good idea…..but I feel myself failing at that but no worries! I got fat fighters so Yay!!

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January 9, 2015

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