Comic update and MinIcon coming soon!

Chapter 4 page 8 has been update and for all of you who might be in the surrounding Iowa area, Iowa Comic Book Club is hosting another mini comic book convention over at the Adventure Land inn. For those of you interested in stopping by to see some of the local artist then feel free to click on the link here or over at the right to get more information about it. Since it’s difficult for me to pack up and travel to all the different conventions that I would like to travel to I’ll put most of my focus on local Iowa conventions or surrounding states. The next convention after this one will be Anime Iowa and I really hope that I’ll have everything finished and ready for that convention.

Also I can’t remember if I made a post about this but for those who are interested in owning their own copy of Love! Love! Fighting! Vol 1 go ahead and pop over to my online store listed here or over at the link to the right. So far I haven’t received any online orders as of yet so their are still plenty of books in stock. Once I finish up my work on A Troll’s Fairy Tale and then a few other things then I plan on getting started and Vol. 2

My plan for the whole story is to have it about 3 to 4 volumes. It might be longer depending on how many pages it takes me to get my point across with the message that I am trying to send with the story. I am really nervous about it all but I think the main thing is that I need to remember to just have fun and do what I enjoy doing and write about what I enjoy writing since I’m the creator and my own boss  *Yay for going indie ^^* Anyhoo I hope you all enjoy this update and I will be back next week and for those of you who haven’t already played my visual novel called A Troll’s Fairy Tale why not stop over to my other website and download it and give the story a try and if you feel so inclined to, go head and leave me a comment letting me know what you think about it <3

Comic Update Ch4 page 7

June 7, 2013

Comic page CH4 09 Update

June 7, 2013