Comic Update Chapter 4

Another Friday another comic update 😀 I really wish that I had more to say in this blog post but I’m afraid that I don’t so for now I’ll just use this as a sort of progress report for those of you who might be curious to know what’s going on behind the artist board.

So far I’ve been working away at getting the rest of A Troll’s Fairy Tale artwork finished and ready for it’s re-launch in June.Then after that I plan on making way to get started on School Memories but before I do that I wanted to get started on coloring the first 6 or 7 chapters of Bottled Prince and get that sent of to the printers to sell at the next anime convention in July.

I really want to finish up the rest of Bottled Prince but I’m sure by the time July rolls around and I finish up with the rest of my visual novel work I will need to start getting back to the grind of working on Love! Love! Fighitng! vol 2 because I have to re-calculate just how much of a buffer I have stored up. I’ll try to keep you all posted on how things are going with that. Trying to run two websites is not an easy task but if you love what you’re doing then I guess it doesn’t really matter ^^

**Anime-Zing 2013 recap and Raffel Winner**

May 24, 2013

Comic Update Ch4 page 7

May 24, 2013