Comic Updated & Dec. Snackbox!

Comic Updated & Dec. Snackbox!

Hi everyone!! It’s been a crazy couple of months but we’re making great progress with the kids homeschool work and they recently had their assessment with their virtual teacher and they did such a great job reading and sounding out their words by ear! I’m so proud of them!

They’ve also improved so much with their handwriting and math. We had a few difficult months that seemed like no progress was being made but thankfully I took photos and was able compare before and afters <3 Sometimes you might not see progress until you take a look and see how far you’ve really come!

I also want to welcome all of our new readers and thank you all for your kind comments! I haven’t been able to respond to them all but I read each one an it just makes this mommy vary happy! I can’t wait to finally wrap up the kids schooling (the time frame for when school is over is just like those in regular school since we are a part of K-12 curriculum)

Also to answer a few questions that I’ve seen, yes Rescues me will be updated once I finish homeschooling the little ones and yes volume 3 will be worked on and hopefully released soon once I finish homeschooling. I understand that I get these questions often because you guys are super excited and that makes me a little excited to get the story done and shared with you guys but just hang on a little while, I’m a mommy first and wife first and a comic artist second so we have to share our time with each other <3

Now on to our next snackbox! I’m a little late with this update since this was the December snackfever snackbox but the kids have been having a lot of fun with these boxes and learning about the snacks that other people around the world eat! (I’m totally counting that as a history lesson when I have to explain to them the different continents and foods around the world XD)

For those that might not know what Snackfever is here’s a tiny little blerp from their site:

SnackFever delivers SURPRISE Korean snacks, candies, ramen and other treats in a box to your doorstep once a month – anything from the popular Pepero, Choco Pie, candies to even drinks, seaweed and ramen! We’ll carefully handpick the snacks for you. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel the subscription at any time!

Now why are we doing these snackboxes?….I say it’s for research purpose ^^; Since Oriana loves sweets I thought it would be fun to be able to try out the treats myself and put them in the comic…..see totally a legitimate reason to be subscribed to a box of snacks monthly…..

Not everything is shown, they’re are more goodies underneath ;D


Cereal choco:

These literately tasted like cereal, like the basic common cereal taste, it’s hard for me to describe but these guys were addicting and it was hard for me to share them with the kids…but I did 😀 They have a nice little crunch to them and yummy chocolate inside, these were seriously bomb!

Personal taste rating: 8/10



Waffle Mate:

So for these little crispy pressed waffles they didn’t really have a taste that stood out too much to me but they are the time of snack that you can straight munch on and not realize that you ate the whole box XD….not that I did that….They have a sort of light honey flavor. Usually when I think honey flavor I think of something super sweet but this honey flavor isn’t over powering like the type of honey you put in your tea.

Personal taste rating: 6/10

Honey Tong Tong Chips:

Can we just stop for a moment and just appreciate how much fun saying the name of these chips are? Tong tong! It’s so cute! Now I wasn’t too sure about a honey flavored chip and I’m still apprehensive about trying the butter flavored chips but boy did these chips surpries me!
They’re shape isn’t like how our flat chips are shape, these ones are a little thicker but still airy and they’re so addicting! They have the perfect blend of sweet and a little tiny bit of salty or more so savory then salty because I think salty is to heavy of a word to describe the emotions my taste buds where sending to my brain……I love snacks and I loved these chips! They weren’t too sweet to me at all <3 I will definitely have to have Oriana smashing on a bag of these in the comic XD

Personal taste rating: 10/10


Apple Pie (I’ma just call it that):

Now my kids liked these more then I did. They have a nice somewhat caramelized thick apple filling and the outer pastry is very flaky and I think it really compliments the thick and sticky texture of the apple pie filling perfectly. The kids smashed on these and proceeded to leave flaky crumbs on the couch XD

Personal taste rating: 6/10

Tiny candies:

I didn’t like these candies very much but the kids loved them. These reminded me of the candies my aunt had, the ones that had a sort of milky thick taste and texture, like how candy corn has that certain taste and texture? Or those old school oval shaped tough marshmallow type candies. I seriously ate so much of these over my aunts house and I think my cousin might know what I’m talking about. Queenie gobbled them up but I’ve had enough of these types as a child so I wasn’t to inclined to want to venture back to them XD

Personal taste rating: 5/10

Poteau Cheese Cracker:

With these crackers they’re weren’t anything that stood out different, they tasted just like the cheese crackers we have and I love those and I loved these <3 You can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers!…..well except for this next snack ^^; at least that’s just my personal preferences.

Personal taste rating: 9/10

Cheese and Choco-Pick:

Now like I said before you can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers but this snack has me rethinking my previous statement ^^; I think it’s mostly because I don’t like overly sweet things and can be a little bit of a picky eater at times but I didn’t like the chocolate and almost cream cheese (with more cheese flavor in there) dips. The texture was throwing me off a little. To me it had a slight grainy texture in the sauces and I tried to combine the two to maybe help see if that was how you ate them but after tasting it I gave the rest to the kids and they seemed to love it.

Personal taste rating: 3/10

Crunch Crunch Pear Juice:

I didn’t care too much for this pear drink either. You could taste the pear but I think since I was expecting a carbonated drink and this was more like a semi sweet pear flavored drink. I ended up giving the rest to the kids and of course they downed it too XD (I’m starting to see a pattern here, whatever mommy doesn’t like, give to the kids)

Personal taste rating: 4/10

Premium Ghana Cocoa Butter Pie:

Now these reminded me a lot of the choco pies from the last box but with a tiny twist. Do you guys know those little debbie fudge rounds with the chocolate in the center? Well this was like that but the center had more of a marshmallow texture like the choco pies. If the choco pie and Fudge rounds got married and had a child this pie would be it’s adorable baby.
I unfortunately wasn’t able to enjoy much of it because the Dewayne kept asking me to open it and then the kids processed to take big bites and then my loving husband snatched up the other one >:[ Next time I’m just going to have to take these and run.

Personal taste rating: 8/10

Paido Kokomen Spicy Chicken Ramen:

Now I like to horde my ramen so I haven’t tried these yet but if they are anything like the last one I bet these will be bomb! I’ll probably pop these in the pot this Saturday since it’s so crazy cold here in Iowa XD I’ll need something to warm me up!


For anyone that would like to try out a snackfever box themselves, go ahead and click through my referral link! They have discount codes when you sign up to their newsletter and so far we’ve loved doing eating these snackbox. For $20 a month and free shipping for the original sized box (Which usually has about 10-15 types of snacks) I think that’s pretty awesome!

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January 26, 2016

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January 26, 2016