Everything a Beginner Webtoon Artist Needs

Everything a Beginner Webtoon Artist Needs

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All beginner webtoon artist really need is something to draw their webtoon on like a smartphone or tablet and a place to publish online like

ibispaint on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pen Stylus

I’ve created and shared my webcomics and webtoons online for many years now. I started way back in 2007 and I’ve received a lot of questions asking me what programs or tools I use to draw my webtoon.

I love using free art apps like ibispaint, JUMP Paint, Krita or Medibang Paint so I recommend beginner artist use them first if you’re on a tight budget~

BUT Clip Studio Paint is one of my most used desktop art programs to draw my webtoon along with my Wacom Display Tablet but again beginners don’t need this~

Best Digital Art Software for Webtoon Artist?

I’ve used Clip Studio Paint Pro for years and they are my go to desktop software to use for drawing my webtoon.

Now they are a little on the pricey side and I was lucky enough to get the Pro version when it was on sale.

Clip Studio EX

They often have fun sales going on so make sure to keep your eyes peeled when they announce the next one.

The more budget friendly option would be Clip Studio Paint EX and an even friendly budget option that have very similar features to Clip Studio Paint Debut version would be the free version of JUMP Paint, Krita or Mediabang paint for desktop!

Krita alternative to Clip Studio Paint Debut

There are a lot more digital art programs and I’ve written a blog post about free art programs for webtoon artist here.

Beginner Webtoon Artist Tips

Clip studio paint does have a mobile app that you can use on the iPad but I prefer to use the free Medibang Paint app. It’s simple and clean and does what I need it to do with rough drafting my webtoon thumbnails.

The majority of my experience is mostly with Clip Studio Paint and MediaBang Paint app so these are the two that I suggest for beginners.

Top Screen Tablets for Webtoon Artist?

I currently use Wacom Cintiq 24 HD but I don’t recommend this for beginners but for those who are more intermediate and willing to make that steep financial investment. 

I will say that I am glad that I did because I’ve had this screen tablet for years and it’s still going good as new despite all of the constant drawing and repositioning I put it through. 

Another reason why I love Wacom because of their battery free pen stylus and I love how they also come with pen nib replacements and a pen stand! It’s a nice little package perk!

So if you’re looking for a heavy hitter mammoth of a tablet that’s sturdy and secure then Wacom Cintiq is a great choice!

The 24HD version is no longer in production but here are a few other tablet options that are around the same price or a little cheaper.

Favorite How to draw books for Webtoon Artist?

I’ve always loved the how to draw manga books and whenever I need a refresher on how to draw a story or how to draw a certain eye shape or background I go to my handy-dandy how to draw manga book section on my book shelf~

You’re never too old or to young to learn something new or in my case dig a little deeper and learn something I didn’t realize before or something I didn’t notice the first time!

Learning and reading is fun and when you add manga/webtoon to the mix its a knowledge party!

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

I also have a free ebook where I cover how to make, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to make a Webtoon Guide

Also if you’re looking for a wholesome, fake marriage trope, AMBW manga webtoon to read to pass the time then you might want to check out Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! AMBW Webtoon Comic

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