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I’m probably going to age myself but back in 2010 there weren’t a lot of options to publish a comic book for free.

Either you had to go through the gatekeeping process of pitching to an agent for the traditional route.

Or do a kickstarter to cover the inventory cost of ordering print on demand books.

But now there are so many options for comic artist to publish a comic book for free!


Let me know if you have any other questions about publishing your comic☺️ I’d be happy to answer it! ##tiktokartist

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I’m super excited about the future and pumped that it’s so much easily accessible to publish a comic book!

What’s even more awesome is that I can publish a comic book all online! Here is what I’m currently doing to publish my 5th comic book as of 2020

How to Publish a Comic Book

I’d suggest you identify what is your main goal for publishing a comic book. Are you looking to get it into bookstores or do you just want to have your own printed book in hand and available for your audience to order online?

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Well for me I am currently focused on the later but it’s okay if you’re not. With my blog I will be mostly covering how to go about publishing a comic book for free.

There are a lot of bells and whistles that go into publishing but to keep this post short and sweet I will just be covering the bare basics today.

So how I published a comic book is that I found a print on demand company, that didn’t require me to order a large inventory nor require me to pay an book return fee.

Where can I publish a comic book?

I’m currently using Amazon KDP. I haven’t signed on for Amazon KDP select because of the exclusivity clause in their terms and conditions and right now that’s not what I’m interested in. So it’s just the regular KDP for me!

With Amazon KDP I’m able to have my book not only published but also available in amazon’s store! This is a big for me because I don’t have to handle shipping or packaging anything. They will print and ship it whenever someone orders it and I get a portion from royalties! I like not having to worry about inventory~

How much does it cost?

Amazon KDP does offer a free ISBN number which I used for my last two books because I didn’t have the funds to pay for an ISBN.


Which is another reason why I love Amazon because I can still reach my goal to publish a comic!

Now with the Free ISBN keep in mind that the name of the publisher will read “Independently published”.

Also with the free ISBN it cannot be used with other publishers or self-publishing services; like Ingram Spark or Barnes & Nobels Press, etc.

Amazon KDP ISBN discount price

Of course you can purchase your own ISBN at a discounted rate through Amazon of $99 instead of the original $150.

Bowker ISBN Price

On top of the Amazon KDP ISBN discount they will also generate the barcode for free!

Amazon KDP generates a FREE barcode instead of paying $25 on Bowker

Are you going to publish your comic?

There are a lot of other self-publishing companies out there but this is currently the one I’m using and have the most experience with.

Do you think you’ll end up stepping out there and publishing your own comic?

The only cost I had to pay was to have the book printed and shipped to me so I can have it on my bookshelf.

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“Could something that began as a petty obligation turn into something genuine?”

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I’ve also published 4 Comic books and as of 2020 I’m currently working on my 5th published book! If you’d like to learn how to publish a Comic book in 3 steps then check out my blog post How to Publish a Comic book.

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