Kami-Con Convention Update & Black Friday Sale!!

Kami-Con Convention Update & Black Friday Sale!!

First off I wanted to let you all know that Chapter 9 (volume 2) is fully finished and uploaded on the website! We will now be moving into posting Volume 3 which will be the final volume to the story, online the friday after next, since this upcoming Friday is Thanksgiving week!

Speaking of Friday (see that smooth transition ;D….okay I’ll stop) A few things have come up (if you guys remember a few updates back about our grease fire on our stove )our stove has now gone rogue or what the repair man says it’s gone wild, so the bottom of our stove is now out of commission, which tacks on a few surprised financial hiccups and it looks like I might not be able to attend Kami-Con comic convention in January. Being a mom and having a family I have to put the needs of my family first so the expenses for comic convention trips will be used to take care of my family first, I did have my heart set on going to Kami-Con and meeting all of you and having the finished printed book of Rescue me as it’s first feature release but family comes first so instead of me panicking (which I was very close to doing ^^; because nothing makes a mom panic more when she finds out she can’t use her stove to cook for her family ^^;) I’ve decided to stay positive and do a Black Friday sale of all three volumes of Love! Love! Fighting!

How To Draw Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul ...

This sale will go on through November 21 (which is today) through December 1! This sale is only for my personal online store HERE and not available on Amazon. All books will be 25% off so Volume 1, 2, & 3 will be $9 instead of $13 and the special 3 in 1 volume with the special one shot short story at the end will be $22 instead of the normal $30!

If we are able to make at least 80 sales then I will be able to take care of this pop up financial struggle (looking at you wild stove) and I will also be able to afford to attend Kami-Con.
Thank you to everyone who has helped support this story and left me so many kind comments! I hope to be able to attend more comic conventions in the future so it’s an interesting little juggle of comics and family bills. I hope that with your help we will be able to reach our sales Goal by December 1!

Thank you all so much and feel free to click the image below to take you right to the online store to make your purchase!


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November 21, 2016

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November 21, 2016

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