Kickstarter updated movie + Comic Update

I finally have a good amount of the illustration inked in for the kickstarter, the next step for them is to color them all in and then put together the images for the post card and possibly squeeze in another illustration drawing on top of the illustration that I’m working on for my Parton <3 As for today I have updated the comic and now I will be working on uploading more art and trying to get a movie put together. I’m going to do a voice over for this kickstarter movie and I’m super nervous. I’ve always been really self-conscious about my voice, it just sounds weird to me ^^; but hopefully my weird voice will help give the movie a little bit of character <3

Also since Junko and Ambyr pointed this out about the keychains <3 I decided to go ahead and post up the other work in progress of the second keychain and new bookmark image. The image of Jae-hwa dropping little hearts down to Oriana will be the new bookmark image, I will also bring back the other bookmark image of Oriana and that yummy pastier. I’m almost at the start line! Let’s hope I can get everything done before Monday ^^;

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Chapter 5 Update Krisa's Interview

April 26, 2014

Love! Love! Fighting! Kickstarter is Live <3

April 26, 2014