Digital Webtoon Comic Artist Resources

Learn exactly how to create, publish and market your online comic of your dreams

Comic Publishing Tips
Learn how to publish a webtoon webcomic and how to publish a printed comic book for free
Marketing & Promoting Tips
Learn how to market and promote your webtoon comics and how to get more views to your webcomics
Digital Webtoon Tools
Learn beginner and budget friendly webtoon artist tools for beginner digital artist

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Webtoon Artist Advice Ebook

Learn what tools a webtoon artist uses, where to publish a webcomic and how to market your comic in the most introvert friendly way.

Digital Comic Artist Tools
You can learn digital tools I use to make my webtoon comics and some budget friendly alternatives as well as some pros and cons.
Webtoon Publishing Formatting Tips
You can learn where to publish your webtoon comic online, the different webtoon formats uploading size.
Marketing Webtoon Tips
Learn tips on how to market online comics and what platforms I use as well as ways I monetize my webcomic to make money.

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About S-Morishita Studio LLC

Author Sharean Morishita a.k.a S-Morishita

S-Morishita Studio LLC is a place where Sharean Morishita shares her tips and tricks and advice about how to create a webtoon comic and how to publish a comic book as well as how to creatives can market and promote their contact thats introvert friendly~

Sharean has published 4 webcomic books despite her art teachers telling her that she wouldn’t amount to anything or make anything out of her comics.

The hope is that these stories can not only encourage but uplift and bring joy to everyone that reads it! As well as inspire others to reach pass their limits or obstacles and grab hold of their goal!

To everyone that is reading this you got this! We believe in you!

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