Two page update today

Hi everyone! I hope you’re Thanksgiving was filled with joy and laughter…and lot’s and lot’s of yummy food =D I decided to go ahead and do a two page update since there was no update during thanksgiving week. I decided to take that day to spend it with my family ^^

I’m still busy working on background art commission but it looks like I’m coming near the end so I’m able to put in a little bit more time with the script for vol.2 of Love! Love! Fighting! I’ll make sure to post up the set date for when the whole volume will be ready for print. Now depending on whether the kickstater for volume 2 will be successful or not, the printing might be delayed a little bit until I can gather up the funds to pay for the printing and shipping. Also it appears that volume 1 of Love! Love! Fighting! is finally sold out <3 Yay!! I plan on trying to make another small print run for Ohayocon but I’m so happy that I was able to sell out on volume 1 and it didn’t take me a whole year to do it so yay, for people enjoying the story <3

I’ll keep doing my best to get the next volume out and I hope that you enjoy today’s two page update!

Chapter 5 Updated 2 pages

December 6, 2013

Chapter 5 updated

December 6, 2013