Volume 2 back in stock and Chapter updated

It’s been a very busy and tiring week for me, all three of my children got sick and I unfortunately have been sharing the bad end up the nasty bug floating through our house

Guess who’s book is finally on Amazon!? It took me since the end of my kickstarter to now to get these files approved and accepted, now before anyone ask, no I’m still working on getting volume 1 files approved to their standards but at least volume 2 is available through their online site <3

For those that would like to know the link to the amazon store I’ll post it to the side of the website and also below:

I’m listening to some very fun fantasy like folk music that puts me in a very creative mood so I think I might try to see if I can handle sitting up for a little bit to draw….more then likely I won’t be able to sit up long but it’s worth a shot….also has anyone else heard that sad song “Last of the mountain giant?” Isn’t that song so sad? Oh and the last unicorn song? Not the anime but the actual song called “Last unicorn?” I love how imaginative they are and it makes me want to cry and make my own little unicorn story or something XD

Comic update! End of Chapter 6

December 20, 2014

Comic Updated! Anime Convention schedule

December 20, 2014