Weekly Update *Art Resource time!*

Weekly Update *Art Resource time!*

Today’s blog post as you can tell from the title will be an Art Resource post, so I really hope that some of you will find this useful.

Photoworkshop.com Light Cage:

This site has a nude bust shot of a 3d model so I just wanted to give you a forewarning, of course the details aren’t very defined but I still wanted to let you all know because if you’re anything like me you might still get a little squirmy seeing that all of a sudden ^^;

Anyways on to some helpful details about this site. For those of you who might be struggling with shadows and lighting for your illustrations this site can really help give all sorts of different light placement shadow demonstrations. For me I’m more of a visual learner so even though I’ve read books about how light moves and how shadows fall on different surfaces it still won’t click in my head until I’ve seen it in action enough times and sat there and studied it and I feel that this site is a perfect studying agent. It’s important to learn the fundamentals but I think it’s also important to have an on hand example too. I haven’t picked through this site to much but I thought I should pass along this little jewel ^^

Next up~

Artnatomy-Facial expressions and muscle denmonstrations:

Not unlike the previous site that I listed above this site dabbles more into teaching you how certain muscles work instead of just demonstrating it with out explaining why it does what it does. I have my own little human anatomy book, a long with a few others, and I’ve started to notice with myself that when I understand how a certain muscle moves and reacts then its a lot easier for me to imagine in my mind what something might look like without always having to look in a mirror or search for a reference online, of course this isn’t saying that using reference is bad because I already covered the importance of reference in a previous post, this can come in handy because you might be strapped for time and can’t afford to stop and look online for something or say you have to do a commission for someone right on the spot*i.e at conventions or at school or any other place outside the home/studio* having that knowledge of how a muscle works can really help you better handle situations that might hinder you from being free to look for reference or look in the mirror for your own reference.

Basically the main thing I want to say is that this site is very helpful in demonstrating and also teaching about all the different facial muscles. Granted when you click on level 2 and start shifting through the different emotions with that it can get a little scary and I started myself a bit when all of a sudden the face on the screen turned wide eyed and horrified O.O *I scare easily like a possum =.=*


So for those who might not have all of those helpful human anatomy books on hand or if you don’t have any light and shadow study books, which I should really start looking into getting some ^^, then I really hope that these two sites will help all of you artist or art resource hoarders out there ^^!

OH! And before I forget!!

I’ve been searching online for this but I’m not having the best of luck with my results, I thought that maybe I should try reaching out to all of you for possible help. I’m a little nervous to ask but what’s the worse that can happen? ^^; If any of you know of any Webcomic review sites that my comic would fit their website review genre would you please send me word about them so I can possibly send them a review request? I know that I have a lot to learn and having my comic reviewed by those who have a strong background in the different storytelling styles of so many different webcomics I thought this would be a great way to get a fresh pair of eyes to examine my work and give there thoughts on the story. Also if anyone of you might possibly want to right a helpful and informative review please feel free to let me know!! I would really appreciate it so much!~

I might even do a special update, hmmm maybe 2 pages? Just tossing that out there ever so lightly~

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October 28, 2012

Going to my first Comic Convention!

October 28, 2012