Weekly Update::..Printed versions of CH1-2 are in~

Weekly Update::..Printed versions of CH1-2 are in~

EDIT: Oh my googly-boogly! I have all the prints printed out and they look sooooo WONDERFUL!!! It’s such a weird feeling of accomplishment seeing your own work printed like this TT.TT I added them to the gallery below. Also I have the bookmarks printed too! Some of you might remember the bookmark design that I had for my kickstarter *which wasn’t able to reach it’s goal but I plan on trying again next year ^^* well I have that printed out plus a bookmark of the chibi’s of Chasity and Prince Lonelle with the puff bunnies. I had them laminated with card stock so it’s really sturdy and snazzy looking =D! I’m all set for the convention…..no I still have to get a table cloth but besides that I’m ready to face this thing head on! Hopefully my personality will be able to fit well at the convention  TT_TT I might do a small video of everything depending on how my hair looks and how I’m feeling…..just don’t hold your breath on that one *I’m really aging myself with all of these old lingo’s*


I’m really excited to announce that the books that I ordered are finally in!! Here are some pictures below, please excuse the picture quality because I had to use my laptop and it kind of depends with that thing (-_- )ゞ:

I also want to say that compared to my first test print run that I did back in 2010 or 09 *I think* I didn’t realize how much of a difference paper quality makes on a comic. With these new books that I printed with a new company, who by the way has a 3-4 day turnaround after proof approval, the paper quality turned out amazing! I just love how well my art and tone and just everything looks on it! I definitely plan on using them again in the near future once I get the first volume finished and ready for my second shot at doing a kickstarter. Of course volume one won’t be ready until some time in April or May of next year.

The comic convention is tomorrow *Iowa Comic Book Convention aka ICON* and I’m super nervous still and I haven’t even had a chance to get the prints ready to print off. I don’t know the first thing about print, printing so I really hope everything turns out well. I also plan on doing sketch commissions while I’m there to help raise more funds. If everything goes well for this convention I was thinking about going to one of the conventions in Ohio. I usually go to Ohio once each year to visit my family so if I can kill tow birds with one stone and just stay at my family’s house while selling more work at the Ohio convention then I think that might work ^^;

For those of you who need a fast and quality printer please feel free to stop by RA Comis Direct and test them out with some of your print orders. I am very happy with how my books turned out and even more so with customer service because I had a lot of questions and because of the time frame I was really worried that the books  wouldn’t get here on time but they reassured me that they will make sure to have the books to me on Friday and guess what? They got here a day early! After I came home from picking my hubby up from work I stepped outside our front door and saw the box sitting there nicely. Of course I had to do a little dance and run off to show someone but the point is that they work fast, the customer service was professional and attentive, the prices where reasonable and I will definitely be using them again! Thank you RA Comics Direct!

I plan on posting up one more weekly update tomorrow with the images from the comic convention. I really hope to sell everything and not get artist hand lock from doing sketch commissions on the spot. Drawing in public has never really been on of my strong suits. I’m usually tucked away in my art room upstairs drawing or hidden off some place like a bear, so doing commissions in front of everyone will definitely be a life experience for me and on top of that since I draw so much and have children all under the age of 4 right now I don’t have much time to watch any of the anime shows that are out right now….well except for pbs kids and such so if someone at the con wants a picture of the cat in the hat or curious George or Thomas the train then I’m set, but if someone wants something from adventure time or whatever that show is called….or any other show for that matter then I am up a creek and without a paddle. So~ I guess you’ll all have to wait and see to find out what happens with that ^^;

Going to my first Comic Convention!

November 9, 2012

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November 9, 2012

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  1. P.S–Oh, and a poster of Prince Lonelle would look beautiful on my wall…(hint.hint.)

    • Oooo~ I see *wink wink* ;D I can post up the images that are already printed of Prince Lonelle and you can let me know which one you would like. If you wanted to bundle all of the books, bookmarks and art print then I can give you all three for $23 instead of the original price of $26. I’m so touched and honored that anyone would want to buy my work <3 I even told that to some of the people that bought my book at the convention...they might have thought I was just some crazy emotional artist but I was so happy and appreciative that I didn't care and just smiled so happily like a crazy lady =D

  2. Yaaaay! How much are you selling them for! I want a bookmark of Oriana! Yes. yess, yesss….. doing a happy dance now! A very, very, very, happy dance! Whoo-hoo! You know what– you need a love love fighting fan club with t-shirts and keychains and trinkets and–lots of cool stuff. You should have contests to bribe your loyal readers with and things like that. Think about it.

    • That would be so awesome I would buy so much stuff that I don’t need but will buy it anyway <3 And I would definitely join if there was a fan club. I would be one of the first to sign up!

      • Oh you guys~ <3 You spoil me with such thoughtful comments! I've never had a fan club before so it's a very happy thought to think that people like my work enough to comment about having one. Thank you~ *Lina I remember you being one of the first people who talked to me when I wasn't that well know but still doing livestreams ^^ I really appreciate that you've stuck around with me since about 3 years ago when we first met through Deviantart *emotional sappy time* Thank you Li~na~......hopefully I have the correct Lina because it took me a while to say your name correctly and it would be so embarrassing if I'm mistaking you for a different Lina O_O hopefully I'm not....*

    • I can give you the special bundle of the book + bookmark for $13 *I sound like a sales person =.=* I’ll also email you the pdf version of the book so you can read what happens at the end of chapter 2 instead of having to wait for about 4 or 5 more weeks to see the end. I’m setting up my storenvy shop so you can safely buy the bundle book off of there ^^
      Know ones ever told me that before! A fan club of my comic *O* You’re so SWEET!!!!~ I really want to make some key-chains and buttons. I have some really cute design idea’s but I definitely plan on doing contest in the near futures so people can have a chance to win a free copy of the full first volume and nifty little trinkets <3

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