4 Days left till the pre-order sale is over

Just as the title says, it looks like we are doing a count down for the pre-order sale. I also wanted to do something a little bit special and add a valentines day print when I ship the books out. Hopefully the books should either be shipped out the week of valentines or maybe the week before. It all sort of depends on how fast the printers get the books to me and how many pre-orders I receive from it *Don’t worry Lina, if you’d like a copy also just let me know and I’ll mail it to you too =3*

I would have updated this on friday but dealing with children and birthday parties……I’m just…woah O.o…so I was able to update the comic today! Yay! I really want to do something special for valentines day since one of my updates fall right on that day. I’m trying to get all of my commissioned worked finished so that I can get started on my valentines day surprise. It’s such a bright day today and I’m feeling sleepy but strangely hyper….anywhoo bef0re I start rambling I’m going to finish up some more work but I shall be back! (dude, I totally want to watch some Lord of the Rings, oh! and I want see the second Hobbit moive too! I just love fantasy stories like that! I really want to do a good fantasy story for this year’s Nanoreno project but we shall see.)

Chapter update and someone interviewed little old crazy me <3

January 25, 2014

What's this? 2 Page update!!<3-pre-orders are now closed-

January 25, 2014