Chapter update and someone interviewed little old crazy me

Okay, it’s like 9:41pm where I’m at and I kept holding off from updating because I had other work that I needed to do then I ended up getting sleepy and took a nap then I had some weird dream and woke back up…so yay ^^; but here is today’s update!! While I was sitting at my computer I got kind of caught up with typing a certain part of the script/outline for Volume 2 *I’m sure some of you guys are tired of hearing/reading me talking/typing about volume 2 ^^;* and I got so caught up in that part of the story that I ended up postponing the update some more ^^; but here it is and also I have some super cool news! Sasha from “My Husband is Asian” interviewed me! I was super shocked and so honored that someone wanted to interview a chatter box like me <3

I had to try to limit myself from talking so much because some days when I get started talking I will talk and talk and talk. Even at conventions, I’ve read stories where people had other people that would stop by their table and talk non-stop and they’d want them to move on but for me I was the one that was talking so much and even when I would get a chattery person (like myself) to come by my table, I think I would end up listening so long and converse back to them that they end up getting exhausted and they’d end up parting ways with me after that. I’m a chatter bug when I want to be and other times I’m like a one word response kind of person but that wasn’t the case for this interview ^^; So for those of you who’d like to read it then please stop on by her site by clicking on the link I put above or the one right here “The Interview <3

Okay! Well I’m still super excited about the convention and right now I’m waiting to hear word back from another one that I applied for. I’ll let you all know what one that was if I hear back. As always I hope you all enjoy today’s update!

Chapter 5 Updated and big news!!!

January 18, 2014

4 Days left till the pre-order sale is over

January 18, 2014