A Few more day’s until Valentines Day!!

The next page for Chapter 5 has been updated!! As for the per-ordered books, I’m currently waiting for the books to be shipped off from the printers. Everything has been printed and now all that’s left is the shipping process, after that I’m going to package each book individually and ship them off to all of you that ordered. I think this is going to be such a fun Valentine’s Day book gift <3 Sooooo excited!!!

On a side note, I will be moving things around for my website (ie the database and all of that) so you might experience some down time or just some weirdness with the website layout but I’ll try to do everything as quick as I can so that the weirdness doesn’t last too long. I’m so sorry if this will cause any frustration Q^Q


What's this? 2 Page update!!<3-pre-orders are now closed-

February 7, 2014

Comic Update Books have arrived!!

February 7, 2014