Best Tablet Screen Size for Drawing a Webtoon

When I’m looking for the best tablet to draw my webtoon on I typically like to go with the the tablet screen size that is between 8-10 inches wide because the paper that I draw my comics on tends to be on an 8 x 11 sheet of copy paper.

iPad Pro 10.5 inch Drawing Tablet with my Apple Pen

The bigger the screen size the bigger the drawing canvas but for me if I get a larger tablet screen size it makes it tricky to carry it around and I’m more comfortable having a tablet that is the same size as my 8 by 11 sketchbook (since it makes it easy to shove that into my bag and not have to worry about my tablet poking out~)

Now this doesn’t mean that I can’t use a tablet that has a smaller screen size to draw my webtoon, I could but that leads to legibility issues where it gets hard for my potato fingers to click on the tools within the apps that I use to draw the webtoon. 

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So the bigger the screen the more the drawing apps that I use can spread out their program features but also keep in mind that the size of the screen doesn’t mean you can’t create images that are larger than 7 inches or 10 inches, that’s where the handy-dandy zoom in and zoom out feature comes into play.

So when I’m looking for a table the best screen size I go for is an 8 inch wide tablet or a 10 in wide tablet because I just like a surface area that’s wide like my sketchbook or journal.

Since I have the most experience using iPad Tablets to draw art for my webtoon here are a few iPad that fit my screen size recommendations for drawing a webtoon comfortably~

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The Drawing space of the 10 inch tablet screen mimics my sketchbook drawing space so it feels like a comfortable amount of room for me to have for drawing!

It also works flawlessly with my top favorite (and free) webtoon comic drawing apps like ibispaint, medibang paint and it also handles 3D model apps like Magic Poser and Home Design 3D!

(I use all of these programs to draw my webtoon because I don’t have clip studio paint app on my iPad but there are other webtoon artist who do use clip studio paint on the iPad with no issues but due to budget and not wanting another monthly bill I just stick to these free clip studio paint app alternatives.)

While the iPad pro is a little bit of a thick boy and it can get a little warm after I’m drawing webtoon art with the free ibispaint art app for about 4 hours so I use a stand to set my iPad pro on to draw a little more comfortably but the iPad Air is super thin and way more comfortable of a weight to hold and draw without using a stand and so I feel the iPad Air would be a better option for beginners instead of the heavy-hitter iPad Pro (price & function wise I mean)

Now if you’re looking to draw webtoons as more of a causual side hobby or you’re looking to just pick up drawing as a fun pass time (like my little cousin) then I definitely recommend the way cheaper iPad and iPad Mini because the screen size and performance of the art apps with the iPad and mini compared to the pro are so similar that even an industry professional (like myself ;D) can hardly notice the difference. 

Had they had the iPad mini and iPad avaible back when I first bought my iPad Pro back in 2018 I would have went for them instead….but no worries because I still love my iPad Pro and it’s still working like new in 2021~

Also the iPad Mini tablets are even more mobile friendly and easier to hold in your hand to draw or read things on. The prices for the iPad mini Renewed models are a few hundred dollars cheaper so I think its a great hand-held light-weight tablet option. I use a stand for my iPad Pro to draw and read because it can feel a little heavy and my fingers cramp up after a little while holding my tablet but I have weak, glass, mommy joints but if you’re young and vibrant and not a weak gummy bear like me then you might not notice that at all~

Mobile Graphic Tablets for Webtoon Artist

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November 12, 2021


November 12, 2021