Chapter 5 Updated!

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that this week’s update has been posted up and also just wanted to give a friendly reminder that pre-orders for Vol 1 will be closed on January 30. During that time I have the books and key chains marked down and also some more good news, I found a way to be able to ship the comic books internationally without it charging you an arm and a leg X3 Yaaaaay! I will need some help to achieve this so I will try my luck with another kickstarter because the company that I am going to use to help ship the packages over seas requires that the books have an ISBN number and the printers that I plan on using, who will also help me with the ISBN number it’s a little too pricey for me to handle on my own. So hopefully my next shot at doing a kickstarter will be a success and then I can also ship the books off to some of the public libraries. I really hope that these books will be able to help encourage other young women or older women and possibly help brighten their day because I remember how I felt when I first saw a dark skinned person in a manga book that I read, given she was just tan but she didn’t look like the others and for some reason it just made me so happy <3

Any whooooo~o Thank you everyone for voting for me on topwebcomics, I think adding next week’s finished page really helped as an incentive 😉 and for those of you who are curious here is a picture of the keychains that are currently on sale for pre-orders. I plan on posting up some of the new keychain designs later but if you’d like to have one of these then feel free to stop by the online store and place your pre-order <3

Comic Updated + News about Books

December 27, 2013

Chapter 5 updated <3

December 27, 2013