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Hello everyone! Looks like it’s time to start breaking out the hot chocolate, does anyone else get a craving for ice cream during the winter time? Anyways I wanted to let you all know that the comic has been updated and that I do have some good news bad news. I’ll go ahead and tell you the good news first.

Preorder’s for Vol 1 will be open from now until January 30th. Because of lack of funding and the kickstarter being unsuccessful last time I was only able to make a small print run of Vol 1 but I plan on taking pre-orders to see how many people would like to have vol 1 and I can place the print order for their books that way. I want to do it all in a bulk order so that the wait time won’t be too long so from now until January please feel free to place your pre-order of Vol1 through my online store and then I can put the order in to the printers and have them get that shipped out to everyone. During this preorder time I’m having a sort of New Years Eve Discount for the books and Keychains. I plan on adding more fun things to the store once I finish up the rest of my commission work. On top of that I’ll also be able to start working on Vol 2 of Love! Love! Fighting! and hopefully try my hand at doing a kickstarter for that as well. If it falls through again then no worries because I’ll just do like I did before and do a small print run and so on and so forth ^^

Now on to some bad news, I won’t be able to make it to Ohayocon and it looks like I’m having some trouble find low prices for international shipping. I’ll keep looking for a way to find the cheapest price but so far the shipping cost would be double or triple the amount of the book. I guess this is one of the downsides to self-publishing, trying to figure out cheap shipping. My plan to sort of work around this was to offer bulk orders for my international orders, like you could get vol 1-3 plus some nice little trinkets and art work and then hopefully that will make the cost of shipping worth the price, I’m still in the planning stage but I’m so sorry about being unable to ship internationally. I keep looking to hopefully find the solution to the problem so I hope you hang in there with me <3 I’m truly honored and touched that I have a reader base in other countries!

So just as a little reminder, there is a pre-order sale going on for Vol 1 and for the keychains. I plan on posting up a book and keychain bundle in the store, I just need to get the images finished up for it. Once pre-orders are closed I will place the order to the printers and once they ship them to me then I will ship them out to you…..maybe there is a way to have the printers ship the books out to my international readers….hmmmm I can look into that, for now I hope that you enjoy today’s update <3

Chapter 5 updated

December 20, 2013

Chapter 5 Updated!

December 20, 2013

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  1. YAYS!!! *goes to place an order* Also Merry Christmas to you and your family 8D <3

    • Oh My Gosh Linaaaa~a <3 Thank you! I just got your order! I luckily have one book left from the last order that I did X3 I'll mail that and the keychain off to you so that you don't have to wait for the printers to re-print everything. I'll have to think of something funny or witty to write inside for your message =D

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