Chapter 5 updated and I wanna go on a tour

First thigns first <3 Chapter 5 has been updates, I posted up the next page update after today’s update on my patron page, if you’d like to read up on what that is exactly then feel free to click the image below <3

S-morishita studio PatreonNow on to other news, I’ve been sitting here thinking and thinking and I’ve come to a conclusion that since I’m venturing out and flying half way across the country for my first big time Anime convention (while doing a little blogging about little tokyo as well) I decided that I really want to check out South Korea, only for a few day, you know to learn a bit about the history there and the culture and just kind of experience the surrounding a little bit first hand. I think it would be great research for my comic and a great learning experience. I want to taste the food, learn the history, see the museums and the historical homes, I don’t know I just kind of want to see it all. I’m not interested in the whole K-pop scene. I’m actually more interested in their classical music and folk music. I’d also love to learn more about their style of gospel music too since it’s not really marketed as widely as k-pop and all that other stuff. I know it’s there, I believe it in the deep, deep, deepest part of my hear <p Their are Christian’s over here and we have our awesome music, I even remember back in my high school days and I would be telling some of my school classmates about some of my favorite songs and they would be like “Who’s that?” and then they would turn around and ask me about some rapper or r&b singer and I’d be like “Who?” I’ve heard rap and r&b and I do have some old school favorites that I remember of in the past but I just don’t listen to that type of music anymore, I don’t really like how it makes me feel ^^; Have you ever heard like some rough and tough rap song and it just made you want to get in a fight with someone? I remember back in the past I’d hear that stuff and then I’d be like “YEAH! LET’S FIGHT! YEAH!” and then if I did get in a fight I’d feel so bad later and would have to apologizes (I’ve done that before and I felt so horrible ^^;) Oh and then r&b music would make me feel funny too, I can’t really explain it but it just made me feel icky so that’s kind of one of the reasons why I just don’t listen to that sort of music ^^; So yeah~

It’s still all a work in progress because I can’t just easily hop in a plane and go some place, I have kids and a husband and work that I still need to do but maybe some day <3

Chapter 5 updated!!

March 21, 2014

Chapter 5 Updated

March 21, 2014