Chapter 5 Updated

Chapter 5 page 30 has been updated! There’s only a few more pages until the end of volume 1 and I actually expected to go on hiatus because I didn’t think I would have any pages of volume 2 ready because I was having so many issues with the script but I’m so happy that this won’t be the case and I’ll actually be posting up volume 2 pages on my Patreon page ;3

Now in regards to volume 2 I was thinking about adding some short stories to the end of the volume, kind of like a side event unrelated to the story line. I’ll probably post those up for purchase as a pdf download, I have a lot of fun ideas in store and if I get caught up with all of my work fast enough then I can actually start working on them sooner and give you all sneak peeks and what not’s <3 I’m super nervous for Anime Expo and the pre-order season for volume 2. I plan on starting the pre-orders on April 4th and having it last till June 4th. I hope to raise enough money so that I can pay for the ISBN number for the book and a small print run for Anime Expo. I’m still debating on whether I want to do a kickstarter or not to help me raise the funds for the ISBN and a small print run, I guess I’ll have the answer by April 4th ^^; My goal is to have the ISBN number ready and then that way I can actually have the books available through amazon and to my international readers! Also if I can get them on Amazon this will also cut back on the shipping cost to my domestic readers as well, there is a back draw to that because I won’t be able to sign the books or leave little personal notes like I did before but if your willing to pay the $6 dollars for shipping then I’ll be happy to sign the books and mail them off to you that way. I’ll leave that option for my storenvy orders and for those that don’t want their book signed then they can place their orders through my amazon store instead =D I’m so happy to have finally found an answer to my frustrating problem now the next step is just to raise the funds while getting these pages finished.

Back to work for me, I have pages 17-20 to ink in today and I’m getting a little sleepy so I had better hurry before I pass out from tiredness <3 Thank you so much for all of your support and kindness, I always read all of the comments and emails that I receive and they really help bring a smile to my face <3 You all are just so awesome!!

Chapter 5 updated and I wanna go on a tour

March 29, 2014

Pre-order & Comic Update

March 29, 2014

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  1. Will you be opening up sales as well for Vol. 1?

    • Opps! I forgot to add that to the post Q^Q I’ll be opening up orders for both volume 1 and 2, thank you for asking <3

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