Chapter updated ::..We need to talk O.O; ..::

The comic has been updated <3 Yayyy~ There are a few things that I need to cover so I’ll just dive right into it in a list format below ^^

Volume 2:

Unfortunately I won’t be printing volume 2 in January. One of the main reasons is because that a possible funding that I was hoping to receive fell threw. It’s unfortunate and I am still very sad about not winning the award but life goes on. Another reason for this decision is because I had a little over a year to think up and work on vol 1 of the comic and if I try to rush vol 2 I’m afraid that that quality will suffer. As an indie comic creator I don’t have the opportunity to have an editor look over my work. Right now I have all about 190+ pages typed up for vol 2 but it’s just not sitting well with me, at least chapter 9 isn’t. I think I’m okay with how chapter 6 and 7 turned out but I’m on the fence about 8 and I’m not to happy with 9 so because of that I’ve decided to just reprint and clean up vol 1 and sell that at the Ohayocon convention in January. Now because of me holding off from getting vol 2 printed and sitting down to re-work on chapter 8 and 9 this now brings me to my next subject:

Comic Updates:

It seems like I’m coming up on my second year as an indie comic creator and it’s been an interesting journey. I’ve been able to keep up with updates because of my buffer but now that my buffer is running out and I’m currently battling with Vol 2 it looks like the comic will have to go on a hiatus once all of volume 1 is posted up. Of course there are still a few more months before that happens but with my commercial work bringing in most of my income now and also my other site is bringing in a lot more traffic then I first expected it to, I’ll have to put a lot of my focus in finishing up my commissioned work so that will also put a damper on me having free time to sit down and carefully work out the issues with volume 2’s script. Of course once I’m all finished with my commissions for the game background art then I’ll be able to work more on volume 2 then hopefully get it to were I like it and then start working on the comic pages. I hope that by the time I finish the commission work I’ll still have some comic pages left to help keep the hiatus from being too long but I will keep everyone posted about that. I don’t want to go back to my draw one page then release it that same day because I’ll get burned out and the story will suffer.

Site Concerns:

Now as for the site and the format of the comic, I’ve noticed that the traffic for s-morishitastudio hasn’t really changed to much, I might get a small bump here or there and I probably wouldn’t have really been concerned about that because of course I haven’t done a lot of advertising because of lack of funds but I’ve noticed something interesting when I looked at my other websites stats. My sister site, S.K.Y. Art and Design has more traffic coming in and more Google ad revenue coming in then this comic site and the updates for that site are not as frequent for this site. I only update when I need to let everyone know about any major changes with commission work or game updates, because of this I’ve started to become a little concerned about my comic and started to wounder if this is the right path that I should be taking with the story, the printing webcomic format, or should I possibly change it into something else. I’ve tired entering the comic into different contest and programs and I’ve received different reviews about my comic work and I’ve been delt a heavy blow recently with an award program that I signed up for. With everything that has been said about my work I’ve started to worry that maybe I’m not good enough to draw this story, I’ve always felt that my art was lacking and have always worked my hardest to improve it to meet certain standards and I had actually felt like I have reached a new level with my work and was feeling very happy because with the past rejections and recent rejections I’ve sort of developed a deep scar from it all and it seems to keep getting deeper each time I’m told that my work isn’t good enough. I do appreciate all the kind comments from those of you who are frequent commenters on the site, you really don’t know how encouraging your comments are. I’m sure that over time the pain won’t hurt so bad but it is a little heartbraking to see that even after all the hard work, you’re still not good enough… I know that not everyone is going to like my work and that I should do it because I love it, I understand that and that is what I’m doing but when you apply for funding for your comic or apply for a contest or award to help bring more exposure to your comic and you get shot down because your work isn’t good enough, well….as a human that hurts and if you continue to get rejected and fail over and over that really puts a damper on your confidence. I guess right now I’m going through one of those hard periods in my comic art life. I’m sure it will get better but right now I’m not feeling so hot. I actually feel pretty low. I’m not saying this to worry anybody or make anybody say “Just keep trying.” or “Do what you want to do not what others want to do.” I’m not to sure what I’m trying to say but I do need to get this off my chest. I am worried about my comic work…..I think this is just one of those make or break moments or something…..I’m so sorry if this post isn’t to perky but these are just a few concerns that I’m having right now. I think I’ll probably call my mom and have a good cry and probably take a much needed nap to try to refresh my mind. I love this story and I love drawing but it really breaks your heart when someone says that something that you love isn’t good enough, of course that’s their opinion but with my personality type it’s a little harder for me to go “Pfft, whatever your lose.” maybe on a good day I might be able to do that but when it comes to my comic work….it’s a lot harder and I’m not sure why. I might delete this post later, I might not…..I just wanted to get that off my chest and I sincerely apologize if this post was upsetting or came off as whiny or mean. That wasn’t my intentions at all. Thank you everyone for sticking around and thank you so much for all my regular commenter’s! I’ll have to put your screen names in my book on the special thank-you page for volume 2 ^^.

Chapter 5 update +November Workload

November 1, 2013

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November 1, 2013

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  1. One thing I have to say about critiquing art, if someone states that they do not like it, ask them why. If they have valid reasons you can consider what they say and try to improved your work. But if they don’t have a good reason, then their opinion is worth nothing to you.

    But the main point is if your work is successful on what you want to convey. if it is, then you are doing a good job. And if you are still trying to improve your work for personal satisfaction as well, you are doing a great job.

    I’ve enjoyed your series a lot, and I usually stick to the action/adventure section. 🙂

  2. Well gee. Are they offering to draw your comic for you? Because if you’re not going to draw your comic, then who is? Unless these critics are offering to take up the task, they’ve really not got any right to say that “art isn’t good enough for the story.” If it’s their project, then they have jurisdiction over it. But if it’s not, then what right do they have to say that it’s enough or not? What’s the standard?

    I’ve read a lot of webcomics over the years, and several with art that doesn’t even improve very much at all. But they have one thing that many people don’t have–a willingness to keep the story going. These people don’t have very good art or attention to anatomy, but what they do have is all the skills necessary to tell their story.

    And you aren’t even in this category. Your art does improve. You’ve even learned so much recently about putting figures into perspective. The thing that you have over the best artist ever who can’t get a webcomic off the ground was a willingness to start a webcomic. I’ve known too many people, and am one of them myself, that “waits” until their style is “good enough.” As a result, nothing ever happens. An artist is never “good enough.”

    In this, your strength is in your imperfection. You’re willing to tell a story with the tools that you possess right now, and not with the tools that you hope to have someday. It’s vulnerability, but it is extremely strong and courageous, and it’s a quality that not every artist has.


  3. 🙁 I like your art. Your style is beautiful an refreshing.

    • Thank you peter, that’s very kind of you to say. ^^ After taking a little brake I’m doing a little better now.

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