Comic Update, Keeping busy!

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Do any of you remember back in grade school where they had us write letters and we would always start it off with “Hi my ‘insert name’, how are you? I’m doing fine, thank you for asking.” It was like awkwardness was just instilled inside of me from the get go XD but that’s okay because the awkwardness makes life a little more interesting and challenging and fun ;D

I still have one more update to do on my kickstarter page and then I’m off to cook some Cajun Shrimp Pasta for dinner tonight. I’ll make sure that I don’t put in too much cayenne pepper (did I spell that right?) because last time Elijah had let me know it was really spicy XD I love my spicy food but I don’t want to make food painful to eat. Food should be fun 😀

That’s all that I have to say for now, There is still so much more left to do and so little time but I hope you all enjoy today’s comic update <3

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