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I did a three page update for today’s weekly update. A lot of things have been happening lately but I’m glad to be back another week with more updates. Also~ Volume 2 finally arrived in the mail so I will be sending out all the pre-orders and kickstarter backer rewards that I received through out the next few weeks.

Look what arrived

I appreciate all of you being so patience with me and I will be responding to emails and comments once I’m all done with today’s update.
Mom's MRI scan

On a side more personal note, to any of you that might have a parent or loved one battling with cancer, keep your head up and know that you’re not alone! We will all fight this fight together to beat cancer. My mom recently had her MRI appointment  done because of the type of cancer that she has (it’s called GIST gastrointestinal stone tumors) and since her form of cancer is so rare the closet medicine that she can take to help is medicine that is usually given to patients with leukemia. Me and my sisters are making sure that she keeps up with taking her medicine and they are also working on making her a meal plan to make sure she eats. I want to make sure that she stays as happy, positive and calm as possible. I have a picture that I want to send to her that I’m sure she will be happy to see.

Right now the symptoms that she is showing are very similar to the symptom that my Grandma Daye had and also passed away with so there is a fear in the back of my mind but the best thing is to trust God and stay positive. If it is her time to go I am grateful to have been blessed to have a mother like her and I will make sure to appreciate every moment that I have with her now and just focus on the positive things and just pray and hope that God will heal her someday.

To not have things end on such a gloomy note, it’s been a battle to stay positive, I’ve lost two grandmothers this year and my heart hurts to hear how sick and tired and in pain my mom is but seeing everyone’s kind comments on the website really helps. Even though I might get not so pleasant comments a little more often now and I do end up crying because of all the pressure, stress, pain and fear, I know that I have to stay strong and stay positive because positivity is key. So here is a picture of our little family fighting to beat cancer together and also here is a throw back picture of my mom petting our fat cat named shadow XD I believe this was back when I was still in highschool about 7-8 years ago I think.


Mommy with our fat cat shadowI love you mommy!

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  1. I’m giving my support to your mom my nana is fighting bone cancer and it’s going well from support and family and friends so just know you have a fellow sending vibes of support and wish for your mama to get well

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